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One of the Christmas gifts I received from Ronald and Lisa was a book on interpreting dreams.  I was very excited to see it…..I have some strange dreams and often wonder what the hidden meanings are behind them.  It is a THICK book –… Continue Reading “Dreams”

Dream – iPhone Drama

It is no secret that I LOVE my iPhone.  It has become permanently attached to me.  When cell phones started to become popular, I resisted the trend and didn’t get one for years.  Then, I gave in and got a TracPhone, but didn’t give out… Continue Reading “Dream – iPhone Drama”

Dream Visitor

I had a visitor in my dreams last night – one that I was so happy to see and was extremely sad and upset when I was jolted awake and it all ended!  I believe that those we have loved and lost “visit” us… Continue Reading “Dream Visitor”

Dream Analysis

Dreams – they are funny things!  I dream a lot and my dreams are usually very vivid and memorable.  I wake up and it doesn’t take much to remember the dreams I had while I was asleep.  The really detailed ones give me some good… Continue Reading “Dream Analysis”

Dreamin’ of Dogs….

I had a dream this morning…..about dogs…..LOTS of dogs!!!  I dreamed that I went to the back door to let the girls in from being out for their morning duties and play time.  When I opened the door, I was in shock to see… Continue Reading “Dreamin’ of Dogs….”


I had two very strange dreams last night close to morning and time to be getting up.  They both woke me and made it hard to get back to sleep.  I was thinking about what might have caused them and couldn’t come up with… Continue Reading “Dreams”

Words for Wednesday

Just some quick mid-week thoughts….  I love having this blog to “unload” my thoughts on people who pop in to see what I have written!  This graphic says it all:  “I don’t need a therapist – I have an online journal”!  Ha-ha — you… Continue Reading “Words for Wednesday”

I sleep, therefore I dream

I had a restless night last night – first, I couldn’t get to sleep until about 2:30 am and then when I did finally get to sleep, it was riddled with strange dreams that kept waking me up!  Here’s the one that sticks out… Continue Reading “I sleep, therefore I dream”

Sunday Morning Dreaming

I woke up really early this morning, so after I took care of the girls and did some puttering around the house and on the internet, I curled up to watch Sunday Morning…..and fell back to sleep!!  I had TWO crazy dreams during my Sunday… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning Dreaming”

I don’t even want to know….

I had a strange dream this morning — I’m not sure I care to know what it “means” or what was on my mind that would come out in a dream like this one!  I do believe this one goes beyond the category of… Continue Reading “I don’t even want to know….”