Dreamin’ of Dogs….

I had a dream this morning…..about dogs…..LOTS of dogs!!!  I dreamed that I went to the back door to let the girls in from being out for their morning duties and play time.  When I opened the door, I was in shock to see the yard FULL of dogs I didn’t recognize – all digging holes and trenches, tearing up my lawn furniture cushions, pulling things out of the shed, and absolutely ruining my shrubs and landscaping!!!  Several rushed in the door when it was opened and began to wreak havoc all through my house!!!  I got them out, but more rushed in.  I looked over the masses to see if I could find Katie, Megan, and Amy to get them in and secured in a bedroom while I figured out what happened and how to get them all out of my yard, but they were not to be found.  I went out to search through the dogs and would find some that looked like them only to discover it wasn’t them when I got up close.  Then people started to come yelling at me for having their dogs trapped in my yard!  I tried to tell them that I didn’t have anything to do with it and that however they got in, mine must have gotten out!  I demanded that they get their dogs OUT OF MY YARD and asked who was going to help me fix the mess they caused!  So, the people started trying to catch their dogs and they were falling in the holes that were all over the yard.  I went in to get my leashes and got in the car to drive around looking for my girls.  There were people and cars all over my driveway and front yard (rutting up my grass, by the way), so I couldn’t get out of the garage.  I honked my horn to get them to move and no one would.  They said they weren’t leaving without their dogs and threatened to call the police to have me arrested for dog-napping!  I said I didn’t care what they did, but they had better get out of my way so I could go find MY dogs!  I said I hoped they DID call the police and save me the effort of calling them myself to press charges for all the damage they and their dogs did to my yard – front and back!  They parted so that I could get out of the garage and I drove around the block and found the girls – all huddled together laying on the front lawn of a house on the next block over.  They ran immediately to me – all shaking, scared, and hurt!  They were eager to get into the car and we went home.  By the time we got there, all the people and dogs were gone and my home looked like it had been in a war zone.  As I was standing at the bottom of the driveway looking in disbelief with tears rolling down my face, a nice couple who frequently walk past my house with their little pug dog came by.  They stood there with me and the girls looking at the torn up yard, my flowering trees all laying down, the fence crushed down and gaping open, and mud slung up on my siding and windows.  They asked what happened and I just looked at them, unable to speak. 

At that time, the girls started whining to get up, so I woke up and laid there a minute while they went nuts on me trying to figure out what in the world could have caused a dream like that!  I got up and opened the back door to let them out and breathed a sigh of relief that everything looked just like it should look!

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