McDonald’s vs. Burger King

McDonald’s versus Burger King……it is the age old question! Add in a ton of other fast food burger joints and you have quite a dilemma when it comes to choosing something quick to eat! But, I don’t want to complicate this post with the other choices…..this is strictly my thoughts on McDonald’s vs. Burger King – in my never to be humble opinion!

McDonalds'   BurgerKing_374

I’m writing this because I keep finding myself thinking about this very subject. Mainly because when I lived in Sanford, NC, I avoided Burger King like the plague! I found BK to have greasy tasting food (they claimed flame broiled, but they tasted more like deep fried) and they had inconsistently made food and orders that rarely, if ever, were correct when I got them home from the drive-thru! And, I hated their fries – I thought they had an odd taste to them and they were ALWAYS cold and greasy tasting! Mom would come to visit and say she liked BK better and I’d tell her she was NUTS! McDonald’s, on the other hand, just plain had better tasting food and, for the most part, filled drive-thru orders correctly and I LOVED their fries – they hands down tasted better than any other fast food restaurant!!!

Now, in Albion, NY, I find myself repeatedly disappointed when I go to McDonald’s. It seems like the two are exactly the opposite of the way they were in Sanford!!! McDonald’s is the inconsistent one that fills orders incorrectly and has strange tasting, cold, greasy fries! I actually really like Burger King’s fries, now, and their food tastes better and is more consistent. (Although, I do have two disclaimers, here — I tried their new rib sandwich and it sorely pales in comparison to the McRib!!! And, I asked for no cheese on their new Big King and when I got it home and looked, it was obvious that they just took a ready made one and peeled off the half melted cheese and put it in my bag – since I am allergic to cheese, it was a good thing I looked before I ate!!!) But, for the most part, I am now a Burger King fan and a big ex-McDonald’s fan!!!

Go figure!!!

Well, that’s all I have to rant about, today……..take my opinion with the grain of salt it deserves and keep it in mind when looking for a fast food joint in either Sanford or Albion! 🙂

2 Comments on “McDonald’s vs. Burger King

  1. Kim,
    Both of them are the pits. I’d rather go to a greasy spoon like the Pok-A-Dot.

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

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