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It just felt like the right thing to do….

UPDATED…..if you’ve already read this, scroll to the end to read what I found out about the mysterious Ross Brown!!! 🙂 I go to Mount Albion Cemetery at least a couple times a week during the spring, summer, and autumn months. Sometimes more often….

June Daily Pics – Part Three

Goodbye June and the first half of 2019…….Hello July and welcome to the second half of the year!!! WOW…… So, here’s the last of my June Daily Photos….you know the drill – the topic is listed below each photo! A STORY UNEXPECTED THIS SEASON…

May Daily Photos – Part Two

Man, oh Man……May sure FLEW by! Yeah, I know – I still owe you posts from my Transatlantic Cruise……I’ll get them up – I promise…..I’m just not promising WHEN I’ll get them up!!! Life sure has a way of getting crazy on us! Between…