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Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 32 – 38

And on to the next group of Lenten Daily Photos. This group covers the 32nd – 38th days of Lent. Full disclosure – I missed getting a photo on two days in this group: days # 36 and 38! PONDERING SPIRITUAL BOOK CHARITY MEDITATIVE… Continue Reading “Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 32 – 38”

January Daily Photos – Four

Oh, boy…..I came on here to post February’s first set of Daily Photos and discovered I never posted January’s last set!!! LOL…..guess I’m a bit behind! So, let me catch up with this post and then I’ll come back and do the more current… Continue Reading “January Daily Photos – Four”

June Daily Photos – II

Loving the weather we’re having…..a few days a bit too hot for me, but I’m not complaining……mostly it has been amazing!!! NY is now at 70% vaccination rate, so most all the restrictions have been lifted and I’m looking forward to a trip I’m… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – II”

March Daily Photos – Week One

Well, March sure did roar in like a LION!!! On March 1st, the wind was so wicked and it was super cold and it snowed off and on (no accumulation, but it sure looked blustery out there)! Here’s hoping that was enough to satisfy… Continue Reading “March Daily Photos – Week One”

October Daily Photos – Week Two

The fall colors are really popping all over Orleans County! So happy to see the trees a-blaze with color as I drive around the countryside. Here is my next set of Daily Photos……enjoy! A LIST AN UNMADE BED A SPLASH A BRIDGE HAND SHADOWS… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – Week Two”

July Daily Photos – Part Three

Here we go with the third post for this month’s Daily Photo Challenge…..this month’s theme was “All About Me”, so in addition to the daily topics, an explanation of the photo is included, if necessary! I AM GRATEFUL FOR…. Fresh rain on my little… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – Part Three”

June Daily Photos – Part One

June Photo A Day Topics have been pretty awesome……they have managed to inspire some cool photos, so far! I have put the topic under each photo! Enjoy! This Is Good My new raised garden bed built by a friend…..the top part has my first… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Part One”

Tuesday Thoughts and Images

OK, so, I’ve been a bad blogger……but, I’m writing, today! 😀 Lots going on around here, lately…..the spring weather has everyone out and about and enjoying the great outdoors! I love seeing people out getting their yards spruced up, walking, sitting on porches…..and the… Continue Reading “Tuesday Thoughts and Images”

Visit to the Land Of Oz – June 2017

Each year on the first weekend in June, the Village of Chittenango, NY celebrates their connection to the stories of L. Frank Baum – author of the Wizard of Oz books. You see, Mr. Baum was born in the tiny village of Chittenango. Any… Continue Reading “Visit to the Land Of Oz – June 2017”

Photos of the Day – July 6th

Here are my Photos of the Day for July 6, 2017: # 187 Photo Prompt – Reading: “My chaise, my Kindle, and my Patio…..Heavenly Morning” #reading # 187 Caught By My Lens: “Morning View” …And More: This evening, I went to another Planting with… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – July 6th”