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Adventures In Shopping

I always get excited when I find a great new place to shop or just wander around to gaze at pretty things.  Today, I found the perfect place to get all worked up about!!!!  From the minute I pulled in the parking lot and… Continue Reading “Adventures In Shopping”

Miracles and Angels……they do exist!

Miracles and Angels…….two things people talk about in the abstract…….many believe in one or the other or both, some don’t believe in either, but you rarely hear of someone who has proof of either…….they are typically more of a “feeling” or a figure of speech to… Continue Reading “Miracles and Angels……they do exist!”

Wonderful Find

Thanks to a post by a fellow blogger, I discovered an amazing website.  It is totally devoted to recorded stories by real people capturing incredible memories and vulnerabilities.  It is a verbal blog from people of all walks of life with a wide range… Continue Reading “Wonderful Find”