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Daily Photo Challenge – May 18-26

The next group of Daily Photo Challenge Topics begins now….and includes topics for May 18th through the 26th: I LOVE THIS TIME OF DAY… I LIKE TO DRINK… I DON’T LIKE TO… …run errands in the rain! I WENT TO… ON MONDAY’S I… I… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – May 18-26”

Daily Photo Challenge – May 11 – 17

And, on with the next group of May Daily Photo Challenge Topics: I WORK HERE… I LIKE TO… (BTW – this was also National Shades Day) DOUBLE DUTY PHOTO ON WEEKENDS I… AND I LOVE THIS VIEW… I KNOW… I CREATE… I BOUGHT… Until… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – May 11 – 17”

Daily Photo Challenge – May 1-10

It’s May, ya’ll…..let’s start with the May Daily Photo Challenge Topics for the 1st through the 10th: I AM… ….BLOGGING! I HELD THIS… I WALKED HERE… I FEEL… …HAPPY – IT’S ALMOST PEONY TIME!!! I SAW… …THIS IN MY GARDEN I LOVE… …MY PINK… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – May 1-10”

2023 Texas Adventure – The Alamo

Part four of my Texas Adventure blog post will be all about The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. I started out the trip with three key goals: spend time with my cousin, visit a city on the Gulf Coast, and see The Alamo. The… Continue Reading “2023 Texas Adventure – The Alamo”

2023 Texas Adventure – San Antonio

Part Three of my blogs focused on my recent Texas Adventure will share my stories and photos of San Antonio. On the fourth day of my Texas Adventure – Thursday, April 20th – I got up, had a nice breakfast, and left Galveston behind.… Continue Reading “2023 Texas Adventure – San Antonio”

2023 Texas Adventure – Galveston

To continue on with part two of my first major adventure of 2023 — Texas! I woke up in Conroe, Texas on Day Three and had a leisurely breakfast before heading out to the next stop on my Texas Adventure – Galveston. Galveston is… Continue Reading “2023 Texas Adventure – Galveston”

2023 Texas Adventure – Houston and Conroe

So….I did a thing last week……I went on my first major adventure of 2023! I went to Texas! I’ve been to Texas before and was able to check it off the “Visit All 50 States” bucket list item. But, although it “technically” met the… Continue Reading “2023 Texas Adventure – Houston and Conroe”

Daily Photo Challenge – April 10 – 22

And, now for the next set of Daily Photo Challenge Topic pics for April 10-22 – with the exception of April 18 and 19, which I missed because I was out of town and did not see anything to represent those topics (“mix” and… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – April 10 – 22”

Daily Photo Challenge – April 1-9

Hello, April!!! Let’s just get on with the first set of Daily Photo Challenge images for April: FACELESS SELF PORTRAIT OUTSIDE SOMETHING PURPLE ABOVE MY HEAD SOLO ARTIFICIAL SOMETHING GOOD A FAVORITE SPACE EGG That’s all folks……for now!

Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 39-48

Happy Easter and the end of the Lenten Daily Photo Challenge! So, I’m posting photo topics from days 39-48…….but, Lent is only 40 days, representing the 40 days Jesus was in the desert fasting and fighting temptations (not counting any Sundays) and the physical… Continue Reading “Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 39-48”