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June Daily Photos – Week Four

And just like that…..half the year is gone in a flash!!! And so is the June Daily Photo theme – “Month of Gratitude”. Here is the last group for this month. Day Twenty-Two Grateful for the years I’ve had with my sweet Megan! Day… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week Four”

June Daily Photos – Week Three

Today is the first day of Summer…..the Summer Solstice……Longest day of the year……and a wake up call that the first half of the year is almost gone already!!! UGH!!! Here is the next set of June’s Daily Photos for the “Month of Gratitude” theme:… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week Three”

June Daily Photos – Week Two

Here is the next set of Daily Photos for June — Month of Gratitude: Day Eight Grateful for a pint of the first strawberries of the season Day Nine Grateful the rain dried up and made way for gorgeous blue skies and fluffy white… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week Two”

June Daily Photos – Week One

Let’s just jump right in on the first set of Daily Photos for June….. Reminder……June doesn’t have a specific topic list — it is a “theme” month and the theme is: Month of Gratitude! Day One Grateful for banana pancakes after an early morning… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week One”

In The Air Above Albion

A week or so ago, my friend was up from NC with his private plane. I’ve gotten so I look forward to going up to get photos of our area when he flies up for a visit. So much fun…..and I get some great… Continue Reading “In The Air Above Albion”

May Daily Photos – Part Four

I feel like a broken record, but……WOW – May is gone, already… flew by so fast I hardly knew it was here! But…..I do have proof that we didn’t just skip it — my daily photos for 31 days plus the posts about the… Continue Reading “May Daily Photos – Part Four”

2022 Scotland Adventure – Part Three

To read about this trip in order, you might want to scroll to Part One first and then Part Two! Let’s continue with the stories and photos from my awesome adventure in Scotland… recap – Part One took us through Days One and Two… Continue Reading “2022 Scotland Adventure – Part Three”

2022 Scotland Adventure – Part Two

To read about this trip in order, you might want to scroll to Part One first! To recap Part One……I spent an amazing week in Scotland with a group of friends – old and new – and had the best time! We flew to… Continue Reading “2022 Scotland Adventure – Part Two”

May Daily Photos – Part One

Well, Hello, May!!! What took you so long??? We got a new list… with NO food related topics on it! LOL Here is the first group: THIS IS ME GOOD MORNING FREE CHOICE TREES MIRRORS LEAF Until next time……enjoy May!!!

March Daily Photos – Week Four

Here we go……ending March and getting ready to begin April……woo hoo!!! I missed the first photo for this group – the 22nd – “A Garden” A LEAF A SUNBEAM GRAFFITI EMPTY ROAD A TREE A SHOP WINDOW AN OLD BUILDING A STRANGER UNDER A… Continue Reading “March Daily Photos – Week Four”