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August Daily Photos – Group Three

Ooopppsss….I was so wrapped up in finishing the posts about my Mediterranean Adventure that I totally forgot to post the last set of Daily Photos for August! So, here, on the 7th of September, is that final August grouping! I DID THIS GOOD THING….… Continue Reading “August Daily Photos – Group Three”

August Daily Photos – Group One

August is here……and, so I post this first group of Daily Photo Challenge pics on this rainy Friday morning! I AM…. I LOVE THIS COLOR….. I WALKED HERE… I LIKE TO…. …read while I eat I LOVE THIS TIME OF DAY…. …..peaceful, quiet mornings…even… Continue Reading “August Daily Photos – Group One”

July Daily Photos – Fourth Group

Good bye July……Hello August!!! Here is the last group of Daily Photos for July: BEAUTY PORTRAIT MODE LANDSCAPE OLD CAR BLACK AND WHITE HAPPY DAYS SUNDAY MORNING July is done…….for those who like a sneak peek, here is the July Daily Photo Topic List:

July Daily Photos – Third Group

Surprise, surprise…..July is flying by…..and, it’s HOT!!! LOL Most days I think I’d like to stop complaining about the heat and start complaining about the cold…..but very quickly stop myself from even daring to think about that!!! I want summer to last a lot… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – Third Group”

2022 Sonnenberg Gardens Day-Trip Adventure

On Thursday, July 14th, I had the pleasure of taking a nice day-trip to Sonnenberg Gardens with the Busy Buddies group. We got on a bus in the morning and it took us to Canandaigua to the “Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion State Historic Park”… Continue Reading “2022 Sonnenberg Gardens Day-Trip Adventure”

July Daily Photos – Second Group

And….on we go…’s the next group of Daily Photo Challenge topics for July! BOOMERANG I guess you can say I’m a boomerang! I moved out of state and eventually returned home……and I’m always running off on some adventure and always return!!! Hahaha (Snapchat selfie)… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – Second Group”

July Daily Photos – First Group

Hello, July……and, Hello new Daily Photo Challenge Topic List!!! Here is the first group of photos for the month of July: REFLECTION LETTERS HUMAN I’M WORKING ON THIS WALL A piece of the Berlin Wall on display on the waterfront in Portland, Maine in… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – First Group”

June Daily Photos – Week Four

And just like that…..half the year is gone in a flash!!! And so is the June Daily Photo theme – “Month of Gratitude”. Here is the last group for this month. Day Twenty-Two Grateful for the years I’ve had with my sweet Megan! Day… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week Four”

June Daily Photos – Week Three

Today is the first day of Summer…..the Summer Solstice……Longest day of the year……and a wake up call that the first half of the year is almost gone already!!! UGH!!! Here is the next set of June’s Daily Photos for the “Month of Gratitude” theme:… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week Three”

June Daily Photos – Week Two

Here is the next set of Daily Photos for June — Month of Gratitude: Day Eight Grateful for a pint of the first strawberries of the season Day Nine Grateful the rain dried up and made way for gorgeous blue skies and fluffy white… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Week Two”