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January Daily Photos – Two

Well……Mother Nature, we hear you loud and clear!!! Please say the predictions of 12-15″ of snowfall on Monday are exaggerated and a result of your very funny sense of humor!!! You know I still can’t operate a snowblower after my hand surgery……you gotta give… Continue Reading “January Daily Photos – Two”

January Daily Photos – One

Hello, January…….Mother Nature wanted to be sure we were aware that it is winter, so she dumped a bit of snow on us! Not a ton, but enough to make it cold and blustery for much of the day. Two years ago this week… Continue Reading “January Daily Photos – One”

December Daily Photo Challenge – 1

Hello, December…..I’m not quite ready for you, yet! I did get my Christmas cards done and in the mail – as of today – but, I haven’t brought my tree and decorations up from the basement, yet…..and, I think I may be done with… Continue Reading “December Daily Photo Challenge – 1”

November Daily Photo Challenge # 4

Goodbye November……..not gonna elaborate…….just gonna get on with the fourth set of November Daily Photos and move on to December! 🙂 ON MY FEET MY FAVE COLOR On that particular day, my fave color was Pizza! What? Pizza is TOO a color!!! Besides, these… Continue Reading “November Daily Photo Challenge # 4”

November Daily Photo Challenge # 3

Hello from yet another cold and rainy Sunday…….I sound like a broken record, huh? Well, it is November, folks……so, let’s just move along so I can offer you the next set of November Daily Photos with a colorful theme! FLORAL ONE COLOR TWO COLORS… Continue Reading “November Daily Photo Challenge # 3”

November Daily Photo Challenge – # 1

Hello, November! We ended Daylight Savings Time, last night……it will be rough getting used to it getting dark by like 5:00-ish, but I am really glad it will be light when I get up and let Megan out to do her business about 7:00-ish… Continue Reading “November Daily Photo Challenge – # 1”

October Daily Photos – # 3

Goodbye October…….I can’t believe tomorrow will be November 1st……and then we’ll be saying goodbye to daylight savings time……and then we’ll be sleeping off a turkey coma after Thanksgiving dinner……and I haven’t even started planning for Thanksgiving, let alone starting my Christmas shopping or thinking… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – # 3”

2021 Rhode Island Adventure

Rhode Island – WOW!!! When I started telling people I was going to Rhode Island for a week, some said, “WHY?” Others told me I was going to love it! Well……I DID love it!!! When I first thought about a possible trip to Rhode… Continue Reading “2021 Rhode Island Adventure”

2021 Canandaigua Wine Tour

I took a day trip with the Busy Buddies – a travel group I belong to. We took a bus to Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lakes, visited two wineries, and took a riverboat cruise on the lake. It was a perfect day for… Continue Reading “2021 Canandaigua Wine Tour”

October Daily Photos – # 1

Hello, October! My birthday month……and the most beautiful month of the year! Here is the October Photo A Day List: And here is the first group of my take on each topic, so far…… I AM….. ……sitting on the porch swing of the home… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – # 1”