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January Daily Photos – Next Few

January’s weather has been quite nice, so far…..but, as much as I hate to say it…….we really do need some snow! No or too little snow = low water tables for farmers in the Spring and bug problems through the warmer months and some… Continue Reading “January Daily Photos – Next Few”

Photos of the Day – October 27th, 28th, and 29th

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 27-29, 2017: OCTOBER 27 # 300 Photo Prompt – Gate: First…..look at that daily #!!! Guess that means there are only 65 days left in the year! WOW! “We Don’t Use This One” #gate OCTOBER… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – October 27th, 28th, and 29th”

2017 LeClair, Iowa

More from my second full day in Iowa……after I left Dyersville and the Field of Dreams house, I headed south to LeClair, IA. I put LeClair in the plans because that is where the American Pickers from the TV show have their shop (they… Continue Reading “2017 LeClair, Iowa”

I Love Lucy…..And Wine!!!

The Busy Buddies group I belong to had a Jamestown/Wine Tasting day trip scheduled in September. I didn’t sign up for it – even though I drooled when I saw it on the list – because I wasn’t sure if I was going to… Continue Reading “I Love Lucy…..And Wine!!!”

Photos of the Day – Feb 3rd

Hi-Dee-Ho! So… was a pretty full day and I didn’t get any photos of any kind……I gave the photo prompt (“Happy”) some thought and nothing materialized to meet it…….I gave up and figured I’d just skip today – after all, I’m not going to… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Feb 3rd”

Movie Review – The Other Woman

 Friday nights are absolute DUDS for TV……there is NOTHING on – I can not wait until the fall season brings Blue Bloods (and yummy Donnie Wahlberg) back to give me something to look forward to watching on Friday nights!!! But, that is still a… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The Other Woman”

Old Musicals = Pure Joy!

I am a sucker for old musicals! There are way too many that are on my “most favorite” list to name…..suffice it to say, if it is a musical and stars any of the great song and dance stars, I’m in heaven! Sunday was… Continue Reading “Old Musicals = Pure Joy!”

Spoiler Alert….

“Spoiler Alert” — These words mean that someone is about to spoil an ending or a suspenseful scene that you’d really rather the chance to see for yourself. They are also words that typically do the exact opposite of their intent – they are… Continue Reading “Spoiler Alert….”

The British Are Coming…..

What is it about the British? We declared our independence from them many, many years ago and, yet, we still find a fascination with them. The Royals. The Aristocrats. The titles and classes. The accents. The traditions. They capture our imaginations and our attention.… Continue Reading “The British Are Coming…..”

The End…….or is it?

 Aahh – the soap opera!  Women (and, yes, even quite a few men) have enjoyed watching daytime soap operas for generations.  When I was a little girl, my grandmother religiously watched what she called “my stories” every day.  As she went about her daily activities… Continue Reading “The End…….or is it?”