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04-20-20 Monday Drive – Falls of Orleans

Alas, Sunday brought massive rain, so it was not the most desirable of days to go for a nice long Sunday Drive! So, I put off my plan for this week’s drive to Monday……and, it turned out to be the PERFECT day for it!!!… Continue Reading “04-20-20 Monday Drive – Falls of Orleans”

2019 Advent Daily Photos – Week One

I like to do the special Advent and Lent Photo Challenge lists……here is the topic list for this year’s Advent Challenge: And, here we go with the photos I took for week one: PURPLE WINTER COAT GIVING TUESDAY BELIEVE WINDOW DISPLAY PATIENCE (waiting for… Continue Reading “2019 Advent Daily Photos – Week One”

September Weekly Photo Challenge – Week Three

Here is my third installment of the September Daily Photos inspired by the alphabet: O IS FOR ORGAN P IS FOR PUMPKIN PATCH Q IS FOR QUOINS R IS FOR RED DOG S IS FOR STATE STREET or – S IS FOR STEEPLE or – S… Continue Reading “September Weekly Photo Challenge – Week Three”

March Fave Daily Shots – Part One

The calendar tells us Spring will begin in two days! Sure hope Mother Nature has a calendar and refers to it! LOL Seriously, there are signs that Spring is, in deed, here and ready to start bringing all the joys that Spring so aptly… Continue Reading “March Fave Daily Shots – Part One”

Last Daily Photos of 2018

So, here we are at the final hours of 2018…….soon, we’ll start a new year and a new annual photo challenge! For now, here are the some of my favorites from December since the last post……right up to today’s final 2018 photo! The daily… Continue Reading “Last Daily Photos of 2018”

Playing Catch Up

March has been an unbelievably busy month… I sit here looking over the calendar, I see that I had very little white space and lots of scribbles with times and notations and events and I wonder “when did I get anything routine done?”!!! But,… Continue Reading “Playing Catch Up”

Photos of the Day – September 14th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 14, 2017: # 257 Photo Prompt – Mess: “Sopes For Dinner” a delicious #mess Mariachi De Oro Mexican Grill – Medina, NY # 257 Caught By My Lens: “Erie Canal Sal” AND MORE…… I went… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – September 14th”

Photos of the Day – May 3rd

Here are the Photos of the Day for May 3, 2017: # 123 Photo Prompt – Skyline: “Crop Duster” #skyline # 123 Caught By My Lens: “Canal Bridge” Medina Canal Basin And…..just a little “show off” pic: “Over Loaded” Love this tree!!! It doesn’t… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – May 3rd”

Photos of the Day – April 26th

Today was a simply gorgeous day! And, both my photos for today showcase just how stunning it was! Here are the Photos of the Day for April 26, 2017: # 116 Photo Prompt – Rectangle: “Framed View” #rectangle I searched and searched and couldn’t… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – April 26th”

Photos of the Day – April 15th

Here are the photos of the day for April 15, 2017: # 105 Photo Prompt – Comfort: “Cozy in the Sun” #comfort The Adirondack chairs all set for the new patio season! Lenten Photo Challenge – Lent (Day 46) – Reflection: “But, Sunday’s Comin’…..”… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – April 15th”