WP Monthly WordPrompt – BRIDGE

WOW – another challenge that will spark my creativity! I got an email from WordPress – the platform I utilize for my blog – this morning. They announced a new initiative – the WordPress Monthly WordPrompt! #WordPrompt

Here is what the email said:

Each month, we’ll be bringing you a single word that serves as a prompt for your writing, your art, your coding — whatever it is that makes you, you.

For March, the WordPrompt is: BRIDGE.

“Use that word as a jumping off point to publish a new post, whether you’re a lifestyle blogger or a foodie, a photographer or a poet.

The specific WORD that I get each month will determine if I express it through my writing or my photography or both! This month, the WordPrompt is “BRIDGE”, so I decided to go through my photo archives and select a few of the many, many bridges I’ve photographed over the years. The Erie Canal goes through our county, so I tend to take a lot of photos of the canal bridges. I also really love taking photos of interesting bridges I find when I travel. So…..here goes!!!

First — Local Canal and Lake Bridges:

Geese Under the Main Street Lift Bridge – Albion

Densmore Road Bridge – Black & White – Albion

Allen Bridge Road Bridge – Albion

Horan Road Bridge – Medina

Main Street Lift Bridge – Albion

Waterport Bridge over Lake Alice from a friend’s airplane – Waterport

And, now…..from my travels:

Wooden Pigtail Bridges in Custer State Park in South Dakota

Passing under the Golden Gate Bridge on a cruise ship – San Francisco, CA

Mackinac Bridge – Michigan

River Front in Savannah – Georgia

Fossil Bed on the Ohio River – taken from the Indiana Side looking across the river to Louisville, KY

Bridge across the Ohio River linking Louisville, KY with Clarksville, IN

Bridge over a waterfall in Maui – Hawaii

Rose Hill Lighthouse under the bridge between Newport and Jamestown – Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Somewhere in New England — saw this from the highway in a motorhome during our New England Adventure – don’t remember exactly where this was…..think maybe Rhode Island???
But, don’t quote me on that!!! LOL

First bridge built across the Mississippi River – built in 1867-68 – Dubuque, Iowa

That’s enough for now…..maybe I’ll do something else with this month’s WordPrompt before the month is over and we get another WordPrompt. Can’t wait to see what they give us, next……but kinda disappointed it is only a monthly thing…..I’d be up for a weekly prompt!!! But, that’s me…..hehehehe!!!

4 Comments on “WP Monthly WordPrompt – BRIDGE

  1. Thanks for the bridge photos….I have only been over the one in Albion, and Brockport of course!

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