Category: Tuesday Treasures

The Image of Perfect Serenity

I attended the monthly Ladies Lunch with a wonderful group of women from my church – Albion First United Methodist Church – today. We go to a different location for lunch every month and usually like to venture out of town during the good… Continue Reading “The Image of Perfect Serenity”

2016 Daily Photo – March 1

Here we are starting a new month……and a new inspiration for my daily photos! This month, I am trying something different. Instead of being inspired by what catches my eye on any given day or by ideas for a staged photo, I plan to… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – March 1”

Dragons In Our Midst…..

So, you know how much I love finding unusual things! Well, about a month ago, some friends took me to the Lumber Yard Restaurant in Perry for my birthday lunch. On the way, I spotted one of the coolest unusual things I’ve seen in… Continue Reading “Dragons In Our Midst…..”