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The Conversation

So, as with most years, when I turned the calendar to 2018 I decided to look at some of the things I spend money on that really are a wasted expense on me. Subscriptions I used to enjoy, but don’t really bother with anymore,… Continue Reading “The Conversation”

Photos of the Day – November 3rd and 4th

Here are my Photos of the Day for November 3-4, 2017: NOVEMBER 3 # 307 Photo Prompt – Green: “One Cool Dude” #green NOVEMBER 4 # 308 Photo Prompt – Yellow: “It’s The Law……and common courtesy!” #yellow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ November 2017s Photo Prompts:

Alarm Clocks Are EVIL

I hate alarm clocks…….there, I said it!  They are intrusive, irritating, and mean!  They are EVIL!  They jolt me awake long before I am ready and quite often interrupt a dream I would prefer not get interrupted.  And to make matters worse, most of the… Continue Reading “Alarm Clocks Are EVIL”

Reality TV – Really?

I wanna know whose reality Reality TV is based on?  I don’t know where they get some of these people – I don’t know anyone who acts the way most on Reality TV shows act or, if they do, I doubt they’d do it on national… Continue Reading “Reality TV – Really?”

Pet Peeve of the day

I am renewing a pet peeve I posted about in January that still tends to irritate me whenever I encounter it….what gives with this?  Am I missing something here?  This baffles me to no end!!!  Come on people – unless you have a Mommie… Continue Reading “Pet Peeve of the day”


Can we please provide a mandatory class to all Sanford drivers to remind them what the YIELD sign means?  It means “yield the right of way”!  You should slow down and decide if you can safely enter the flow of traffic – if not, you need… Continue Reading “YIELD!!!”