Alarm Clocks Are EVIL

I hate alarm clocks…….there, I said it!  They are intrusive, irritating, and mean!  They are EVIL!  They jolt me awake long before I am ready and quite often interrupt a dream I would prefer not get interrupted.  And to make matters worse, most of the time they wake me to the sound of some obnoxious song I don’t particularly like that then ends up playing over and over and over in my head ALL DAY LONG!!!!  But, the alternative is that ear-piercing repetitive BEEPING sound that just grates on my nerves and starts my day off feeling totally violated.

But, much to my dismay, they are a necessary evil.  I do have an internal alarm clock and three four-legged alarm clocks that tend to not allow me to sleep much past 7:00 am, but they all aren’t always dependable – and I do have to be sure I get up early enough to shake off the sleepiness, get a shower and do other primping and prepping, let the girls do their business, feed the girls, goof around checking emails and Facebook, read the paper, and get to work on time.  When I don’t get up early enough to do all those things, I start the day feeling rushed and disorganized.

I do, however, have a favorite part of the alarm clock that I find rather rewarding……..the snooze button.  I slap that button the first 4 or 5 times the alarm goes off so that I feel like I’m being defiant and telling the alarm clock that I am still the boss and I tell IT when I’m going to get up!  It is my little way of privately showing off my disobedient and naughty side each day.  But, the last couple of days I have been less in love with my snooze button.

Sunday night, I noticed that my alarm clock’s LED was acting funky.  It no longer displayed the time in a readable manner.  I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in.  I tried resetting it.  Nothing made the time show up properly.  Then, I tried just seeing if the alarm would come on by hitting that button that allows you to check it for sound.  Nothing!  I tried turning on the radio portion – again, nothing!  So, I came to the realization that my alarm clock DIED!  My first thought was to dance around the room singing “Ding, Dong, the witch is dead”, but soon sprung back to reality and the fact that I needed that witch to work the next morning.

I got out a small travel alarm clock I bought some time ago, but have never used, and set it and went to sleep.  I figured it will do until I can get to the store to buy a new regular alarm clock.  When the time came for it to go off on Monday morning, I was pleasantly surprised – the sound that woke me up was a low tone steady beep – not that usual blaring or clanging sound that comes from most non-music alarm clocks.  I smiled and hit the snooze (hey, the sound may have been more pleasant, but I was still going to steal those extra minutes).  Then the reason for the snooze button’s fall from grace happened.  The alarm clock went off again and I thought “that didn’t feel like 8 minutes to me”!  When I looked at the time, only FOUR minutes had passed!  REALLY????  Four minutes?????  What kind of snooze session is that?  You can’t even get comfortable again in four minutes!!!  After a couple of those, I just give in and get out of bed – no sense in lying there hitting that thing every four minutes.

So, I will be making sure I get out there and buy a new alarm clock………anyone know of one that I can program to only go off when a song I don’t mind having play in my head all day is playing?

2 Comments on “Alarm Clocks Are EVIL

  1. I just started using a a Lark. It’s a silent alarm that wakes you silently through a vibration. You wear a comfortable bracelet that has a sensor in it. You set the alarm through the app on the iPhone. While you sleep, it can track how long you slept, how many times you woke up and how long it took you to fall asleep. The gentle wake up of the vibration is SOOO nice because I no longer have that feeling of irritation, interruption or “violation”. There’s no jolting, just this natural feeling of waking.

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