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July Daily Photos – Chapter Three

I want to start off this post with yesterday’s “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” moment! I was sitting at my desk in my den, which looks out at my front lawn and has a perfect view of the Bird Buffet. I enjoy watching… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – Chapter Three”

March Week Two Daily Photos

March Week Two is here!!! Here are this week’s Daily Photos: TWO OFF CENTER GREEN TREES TREES – OPTION 2 NEED Bringing home the TP NEED – OPTION 2 Bat Girl guarding my stash! It’s been a crazy week and next week will probably be… Continue Reading “March Week Two Daily Photos”

Drama At The Airport

The first week in January I had the pleasure of going to Hawaii! But, the trip didn’t get off to the magical start I had hoped……in fact, the first few hours could be described as “nightmarish” or at least “very stressful”! I had an… Continue Reading “Drama At The Airport”

2019 Colorado Adventure – The Rest of the Story….

OK….so, here I am back at it……I think I can wrap up the last couple of adventures and miscellaneous photos from Colorado in one post and then move on to New Mexico! One of our tour guides had recommended a cool place for dinner… Continue Reading “2019 Colorado Adventure – The Rest of the Story….”

Morning Drama at the Buffet

Yesterday was an interesting day at the Pritt Bird Buffet! I spent a good portion of the morning watching all the drama unfold from my den window and enjoying all the different visitors….some of which were, shall I say, a bit strange! You see,… Continue Reading “Morning Drama at the Buffet”

Snow on your food? No Problem!

No words necessary……the title and photos says it all!

February Favorite Fotos – Part Two

Goodbye, February……can’t say as I’m sorry to see you go! Here’s to hoping March is much kinder to us……bringing thoughts of Spring and new beginnings! Here are a few of my favorite Daily Photo Challenge pics from the last half of February – the… Continue Reading “February Favorite Fotos – Part Two”

Ice, Ice, Baby – Feb 2019

The weather in Western NY has been……well……typical! hahaha We were socked in with a wicked snow storm and wind chills in the negative double digits, then enjoyed a few days of spring-like weather in the 50-60’s, and then found ourselves coated with a thick… Continue Reading “Ice, Ice, Baby – Feb 2019”

A Daring Visitor

So, I had to move my desk and computer to make room to convert my den into my Boutique for my Lula Roe business…….which means I thought I wasn’t going to get anymore great photos of birds and squirrels at the Bird Buffet while… Continue Reading “A Daring Visitor”

Daily Photos – Catch Up!

What happens when I don’t make time to tend to my blog? I have to cram a lot in to catch up! So… are a few of my favorites from my Daily Photo Challenge since the last time I posted any of them……since, like… Continue Reading “Daily Photos – Catch Up!”