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Daily Photo Challenge – March 1-17

Ooppss…..I guess I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to posting the daily challenge photos I took each day in March, so far! Been a busy month…..but…..I’m here, now to play a bit of catch-up! Here you go: LOOK UP ROUND This is… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – March 1-17”

Daily Photo Challenge – February 24-28

Today ends February…..Just 20 days till Spring officially begins……Just 12 days till Daylight Savings Time begins……Life’s about to get warmer and brighter!!! But, for now, let’s finish up the February Daily Photo Challenge topics: ON THE LINE A TREE FROM BELOW PASTA TOOL SO… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – February 24-28”

Daily Photo Challenge – February 17-23

WOW – February is flying by!!! We’ve been experiencing a bit of an ice-age with sleet and freezing rain mixed with a little snow and temps in the 20’s……but, spring is just around the corner…..and warmer days are coming!!! SEE THROUGH A GAME ON… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – February 17-23”

Daily Photo Challenge – February 9-16

And on with the next set for February daily photo topics: SOMETHING IN NATURE A CORNER THIS HAS WHEELS MIRROR BEGINS WITH B ON A SHELF MONEY

Daily Photo Challenge – February 1-8

Hello, February! The month of love…..Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Here is the first group of Daily Photos for February: I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS… MY FAVORITE ANIMAL CLOUDS INSIDE A STORE ON MY PLATE RECTANGLE SOMETHING WHITE FLOATING See you next time…..and,… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – February 1-8”

Daily Photo Challenge – January 16-22

I’m sitting here looking out at the snow falling on this chilly Sunday. I just finished watching the re-play of the live stream of Lisa Marie Presley’s Memorial Service. What a beautiful service for a beautiful soul. Gone far too soon, as was her… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – January 16-22”

Daily Photo Challenge – January 10-15


Daily Photo Challenge – January 1-8

Well, hello, there 2023……looking forward to all the wonderful adventures and memories you are sure to bring to me! Yeah, I know – I can’t expect ALL good things…..every year has it’s ups and downs, but I just know there will be something great… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – January 1-8”

Daily Photo Challenge – November 13 – 18

Here’s the next set of Daily Photos for November: A CLOSED SIGN A FLOCK OF BIRDS HAND SHADOWS RUNNING WATER WRINKLES AN EMPTY TABLE That’s all for now……

Daily Photo Challenge – November 9 – 12

Here’s the next set of Daily Photos for November: AN UNMADE BED POWER LINES AN ARROW IN MY POCKET