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Photos of the Day – September 28th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 28, 2017: # 271 Photo Prompt – Trash: “Not Where This Belongs!” #trash #litterbug   #keepAmericaclean  #putitwhereitbelongs # 271 Caught By My Lens: “Evening on the Farm” This scene caught my eye on the way home… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – September 28th”

Time for a Brain Dump!

It has been a while since I just rambled on about a variety of topics that are totally unrelated, except that they are all stuck in my head together. So, yes, it is time to spill my guts, purge my thoughts, make room for… Continue Reading “Time for a Brain Dump!”

Beyond Sad

A picture says much more than words ever can….why aren’t more people outraged by the devastation that has wreaked havoc with the wildlife and beautiful waters and beaches along the Gulf Coast?  What will it take to convince people to send a powerful message… Continue Reading “Beyond Sad”