Photos of the Day – October 13th and 14th

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 13-14, 2017:


# 286 Photo Prompt – Trees:



# 287 Photo Prompt – Perspective:

“From The Upstairs Window”


And…..then, there was this…..

I attended the Albion Rotary Club Second Annual Masquerade Ball tonight at White Birch Country Club in Lyndonville! The theme was Roaring 20’s! I was in the top five finalists for Best Overall Look Based on the Theme – got fourth place! And, I had a BLAST!!!

Me (right) with two friends……Lori (center) won first place for best mask!!!

I am second from the left – I came in fourth place……the guy beside me (far left) won first place!!!

And, I won two baskets in the silent auction!

And I won a cool centerpiece, too!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:



Photos of the Day – Oct 9, 10, 11, and 12

So….I went on a short, but GREAT adventure this week…..I went to Iowa!!! I’ll, of course, have a detailed post (or maybe posts) to talk about all the cool things I did and saw while I was there – accompanied by some amazing photos!!! But, for now, I’m here to catch up on my Photos of the Day…..they were taken and posted on Instagram each day in response to each daily photo prompt.

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 9-12, 2017:


# 282 Photo Prompt – Good For Me:

“Colored In Iowa!”


Only seven states to go……I had a trip to Kentucky planned for this week with a travel group I belong to, but the tour was canceled, so I took the money and time what was already accounted for and redirected it to a quick jaunt to Iowa!!!


# 283 Photo Prompt – Angle:

“Buddy Holly Crash Site Entrance”



# 284 – A Favourite:

“Overlooking The Field of Dreams”

#afavourite (movie)

Standing inside the house where the movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed looking out at the ball field and corn field! One of my all time favorite movies!


# 285 Photo Prompt – I Saw This Today:

“Gas Station Jesus”


It was on the Roadside America list of cool, unusual things to see, so……I went to see it!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:

2017 New England States Adventure – New Hampshire and Vermont

Winding down my recent New England States Adventure……we didn’t spend a lot of time in New Hampshire and Vermont. In hindsight, I wish we had taken a couple days to stay in Vermont and go covered bridge hunting, but that leaves me with a really good excuse to go back! So, I’m good!

New Hampshire:

We spent one night in New Hampshire and enjoyed the scenery as we drove through the state.

Our KOA campsite

I got a kick out of how the state makes it a point to put signs on the interstates letting people know where all the state liquor stores are located! 🙂


We didn’t spend the night in Vermont, but spent quite a bit of time going through it. First, the route we took was not major four lane interstates and also, we stopped for lunch and a wonderful visit with a dear old high school friend who lives in Arlington, VT. I love getting the chance to connect with old friends who live in areas I visit on my travels!

The only covered bridge we came upon!

Although it was September, we didn’t see a lot of autumn tree colors. People we talked to said it was just starting to turn.

Former partners in crime…….Ann and me…….we had some great times together in high school!

I am so happy I got to see Ann and spend time catching up and reminiscing!!!

New York:

We started and ended in New York – obviously. Our last overnight stop was in Herkimer, NY at a really cool campground that has a diamond mine – too bad we didn’t have time to take a tour!

Can you tell I like to take pictures of big and interesting bridges?

Our campsite at Herkimer, NY

The campground had a beautiful creek – or maybe it was a river – not sure!

The campground has cabins, like most campgrounds do…..but, it also has this amazing tree house cabin that can be rented to stay in, as well!

And, my LAST photo for this adventure:

Megan LOVES the toy lobster I brought back from Bar Harbor for her!!!! 😀

Another amazing adventure is now in the history books……and in my memory, which is the best place for it to be!




2017 New England States Adventure – Maine

Continuing on with photos from my recent motor home adventure through the New England States. To recap — I’ve posted about all the lobster and crab we ate, our time in Connecticut – where we spent three nights in the Niantic / Mystic area, day trips into Massachusetts to visit Salem, Plymouth, Gloucester, and the home of the NE Patriots. I left off on the last post when we stopped for the night in Saco, ME, near Portland.

Our next major stop was Bar Harbor, where we stayed three nights in the Bar Harbor Ocean Side KOA – a fantastic KOA park right on the water with fresh lobster dinners available every night! While there, we pretty much covered the entire island that Bar Harbor is located on – Mount Desert Island…..we did all the different loops in Acadia National Park, took a bus tour up Cadillac Mountain, and drove the perimeter of the island to get to a fantastic working lighthouse on the tip of the island and then back up using a different route back to Bar Harbor. What an amazing place!!! Everything was soooooo beautiful!

I was very excited to see Bar Harbor, in particular. I went on a New England / Canada cruise a couple years ago and Bar Harbor was one of the scheduled ports, but the fog was so thick that they wouldn’t let us tender in and the cruise ship raised anchors and moved on to the next port! So, this is the second chance I’ve been waiting for. I was also excited to try to do the tour I had planned on my shore excursion that didn’t happen – a boat tour to see all the lighthouses on the island! Unfortunately, the fog, again, kept me from doing that particular tour – they weren’t taking boats out the two days I was able to attempt the tour! 😦 But…..the time we spent in Bar Harbor was still amazing! I absolutely LOVED it and hope to return someday!

Here are some photos:

Taken at the KOA Campground:

Our campsite at the KOA — just a stone’s throw from the shore!

Every day, a guy set up cooking these fabulous lobster dinners – the lobsters were caught each morning fresh by the guy’s cousin! We enjoyed these dinners twice while we were there.

Ellie, enjoying the sunshine and the view!

And, the warm grass!

Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain:

On the first day, we took a bus tour on the Park Loop and up Cadillac Mountain. The fog prevented us from going all the way to the summit and the visibility was low, but what we did get to see was amazing! On the second day, we drove ourselves around the Park Loop and another loop – the visibility was better and we had more time to stop at scenic overlooks – it was still too foggy at the summit, but we really enjoyed our time in the park.

Thunder Hole — at high tide, the surf rushes in here and sounds just like thunder and the waves shoot super high into the air against the rocks! We weren’t there at high tide, but it was still very impressive!

Beaver home

There are “carriage roads” throughout the park – roads that can only be traveled by bike, foot, or horse

We tried the local favorite – Blueberry Soda! The first sip was “OK”, but my thought was that I was glad I tried it, but probably wouldn’t finish it……but, I drank some more and then some more and it grew on me —- once I got into it, it was actually very good! I’d definitely drink it again, if I ever get the chance!

The Village of Bar Harbor:

Both days we took time to wander around downtown Bar Harbor — LOVED IT! The shops were so quaint and the town was so lovely! I could have spent a LOT more time there! The first day, there were two cruise ships anchored, so there were several thousand cruise passengers on shore! The next day – no cruise ships – so, it was easier to get around and the stores were less crowded.

I had a wonderful breakfast of fresh Maine wild blueberry crepes, wild blueberry muffin, and a cup of tea!

I learned that whoopie pies originated in the area of Bar Harbor……this is a coffee bar that had whoopies in every flavor imaginable!!!

The only kind of moose we saw! 😦

I got these cool ornaments at a Christmas shop…..the claw is an actual lobster claw!

Bass Harbor Light House:

Located on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island in Tremont.

And……the sunsets!!!!

That’s all for Maine…….one last post will wrap up the rest of the trip through New Hampshire and Vermont!

Photos of the Day – October 7th and 8th

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 7-8, 2017:


# 280 Photo Prompt – Relaxing:

“Tea, a Book, and a Comfy Patio Chair”



# 281 Photo Prompt – A Treasure:



The photo is my Grandfather, Marlin Freeman’s baby picture and the utensils were his as a baby. The dress is circa 1874 – worn by my Great Grandfather, Howard Carlton Miles (my Grandmother, Ada Miles Freeman’s father) when he was about 3 years old. It was hand sewn by his mother – my Great-Great Grandmother, Sarah Miles! These items were handed down to me by my Grandparents.

I have had these items a long time – my Grandmother gave me her father’s dress about 1975 or so – at the same time my Grandfather gave me his father’s steamer trunk that he used when he worked on the railroad – I keep all my keepsakes in the trunk. Grandpa gave me his photo and silverware sometime in the late 80s. When I saw today’s Photo Prompt – “A Treasure”, I knew these would need to be in the photo!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:

2017 Albion Fall Festival Fun

The Albion Merchants Association sponsored a really cool event in downtown Albion, today! It was the first year for what I hope will be an Annual Fall Festival! They had food trucks, vendors, local artists, activities, a car show, scarecrow building fun, and even a pet costume parade!!! Here are the photos! Some of the photos were taken early before the crowd got into full swing, but they did have a really good attendance for a first year event! Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoy all there was to do, see, and buy in our wonderful historic downtown!

First……lots of exciting new and revitalized stuff downtown…..two new shops on Bank Street and a renovation/expansion to an existing business on Main Street:

  • “Town and Country Quilter” owned by Tara Thom – she’s planning to have quilting classes, long-arm certification classes, and sell fabrics and other cool things – she had a soft opening this weekend. Tara will have a big open house with a “Meet The Teachers” event where the instructors of the classes being offered will be available to meet and answer questions on November 11th.

Tara Thom by her Gammill Long Arm Quilting Machine

  • Adam Johnson is in the process of renovating the middle of three buildings he owns on Main St. The middle building will be an expansion of his “39 Problems” restaurant and will make room for indoor seating and a bar area. All three buildings will receive new store fronts – two store fronts are targeted for completion by year end and the third to follow later. Read more about this expansion on The Hub by clicking here.

  • The second new business on Bank St is “Bird and Matilda’s Boutique”, owned by Terri Jordan. Terri sells soaps, bath bombs, candles, home decor, and more. Sadly, I got side tracked and realized after I got home that I forgot to get photos of Bird and Matilda’s!!! DANG IT ALL!!! But — you can read all about this wonderful new shop by clicking here for an Orleans Hub article on both new Bank St. businesses.

Now…..more on the Fall Festival:

Navarra’s Farm Market was there!

Mia, Joan, and Jenna!

One of several fun activities

The Scarecrow Building activity was very popular!

THERE WERE LULA BOOTHS!!! But, I didn’t get anything except this photo! hehehe

Lots of amazing crafters selling their creations!

And, food trucks!!!

And, now for the adorable participants in the Pet Costume Parade!!!

Organizer, Lori Laine, her son, and their babies lead the parade down the east sidewalk along Main St!

Minnie and Moose – the parade’s Grand Marshalls…..Lori Laine named the parade after her special dachshunds!

This “Hot Dog” trio were the winners of the costume parade contest!

They were ALL adorable, but this little guy stole my heart!!!

There were even some super sweet super heroes!!!

I’ll leave you with this shot……while I was waiting for the pet parade to start, this scene of peaks and ornate building tops caught my eye!

Great job to all who worked so hard to put this fantastic event together!!! I look forward to attending future Fall Festivals and watching this event grow!



Photos of the Day – October 5th and 6th

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 5-6, 2017:


# 278 Photo Prompt – Today’s Weather:

“Gorgeous with 100% Chance of Awesome”


# 278 Caught By My Lens:

Amazing Autumn Day

My family and friends in Florida were closer than I think…..saw this in the clouds over my neighborhood!


# 279 Photo Prompt – Something Green:

“Christmas Cactus”



October 2017s Photo Prompts: