Photos of the Day – October 3rd and 4th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 3-4, 2017:


# 276 Photo Prompt – I Bought This:

“New Stuff”


They’re both PURPLE…….One has my name on it!!!

# 276 Caught By My Lens:

One of many photos taken on a lovely morning walk in Mt. Albion Cemetery


# 277 Photo Prompt – Far Away:

“That’s Canada Over There”


In the right conditions, you can see a faint skyline across the lake!

# 277 Caught By My Lens:

Looking for drift wood for projects or stones to paint? Head to the Point!

One of many photos taken on a gorgeous day at Point Breeze, Kent, NY

And, another……it was so warm, breezy, sunny, and ever so blue……then, later in the day, it turned stormy! So glad I went when I did so I could enjoy THIS!!!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:

Photos of the Day – October 1st and 2nd

So… we go on to October! What year this has been, so far! I do love October… is my favorite month – and not just cause it is my birthday month! It is just the best month of all!!!

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 1-2, 2017:


# 274 Photo Prompt – My Happy Place:

“My Little Slice of Paradise”


# 274 Caught By My Lens:

“Cool Ride”


# 275 Photo Prompt – Envelope:

“A Very Special Invitation”


# 275 Caught By My Lens:

“A Pop of Color Against the Aging Corn”



2017 New England States Adventure – Massachusetts

In this second post to share my photos from this year’s Most Excellent Adventure…..the New England States……I’ll cover all the cool stuff we did in Massachusetts. While we camped in Niantic, CT, we rented a car and one day we drove up to Salem, MA and then to Plymouth, MA. We also made an amazing side trip to Gillette Stadium – home of the NE Patriots NFL team after we left Niantic on our way to Gloucester, MA.

Wait…..Rhode Island? I thought this was going to be about Massachusetts!!!??? Well, duh – we had to drive through Rhode Island to get to MA from Niantic! We didn’t stop anywhere in RI, but we got to enjoy the scenery and count it as a visited state!

There we go…… Hello, MA!

A bridge we saw along the interstate…..looked like a huge four-poster bed!!! hahaha

And, we drove by the Basketball Hall of Fame


We visited Salem, first. I was really looking forward to Salem, but found it to be disappointing. Don’t get me wrong… is a lovely little town and I’m glad we went there, but it didn’t live up to the historic hype….in my never-to-be-humble opinion. First – it is very touristy – lots of witchcraft shops and museums, which were fun, but a bit cheesy and over done. Second, we couldn’t find any historic witch related stuff…..there was one “Witch House” that we didn’t go in, but it looked like another museum and every time we asked someone where to find the location of the witch trials and stuff was, we got a different answer – all of which boiled down to “it used to be on {whatever} street, but it isn’t there anymore”……like, for instance – we stopped to listen to a guy hosting a guided tour and heard him say that everyone has a different opinion on where the gallows were located, but the real location is “down that street, there, but there is a Walgreens on that property, now”! So……nice little town, but not a whole lot of historically significant things to see…..unless they are well hidden! I’m told the town comes alive on Halloween…..but, I’m thinking that is all just capitalizing on the hype, too! Anyway — glad we went — here are some photos — but really wish we’d spent less time there so we could have spent more time in Plymouth!

Bewitched Statue was really cool!

The Witch House……didn’t go inside!

Different versions of these were all over town on the light poles

Commemorating the man who gave our flag the nickname “Old Glory”


Like I alluded to in the Salem paragraph, I LOVED Plymouth! I really wish we had more time there and would love to go back, someday! Our plan was to get there for dinner on the coast and to see Plymouth Rock and that was it…..cause we heard that was all that was there and if we needed to skip something, that is a good one to skip. Well…….glad we didn’t decide to skip it……and hate it was rather late in the day by the time we got there! We found Plymouth Rock and found it to be really cool……got a tad emotional thinking about what happened there all those years ago! Then, we found a nice little outdoor restaurant to have some supper and wandered around town a little. It is a WONDERFUL little coastal town with quaint shops and memorial statues and the coolest lobster sculptures painted by local artists. Sadly, the Mayflower replica was not in port at the time we were there…..maybe I’ll get to see it next time I go! I could have spent a couple days there and still wanted more! Here are a few photos.

The structure built to protect Plymouth Rock

Even though you can’t get down near it, I managed to get a selfie with it! šŸ™‚

It is a lot smaller than you’d think – mostly due to erosion over the years

The beach the Mayflower landed at – the rock is just this side of the lower left corner of this photo

Looking through the pillars surrounding Plymouth Rock

This amazing statue was up on a hill facing the bay

Commemorating the Pilgrims

This squirrel eating a french fry was soooo cute, I had to get his photo!

These great lobsters painted by local artists were all over town……I got photos of any I got close enough to do justice to them

I think this rock-star one was my favorite!

Cute stuff like this were all over…….

Dinner……lobster roll and onion rings! YUM!!!


My nephew, Kevin’s oldest, is a HUGE Patriots fan, so we had to find him some Patriots stuff and where better to find some than their home stadium!!! So, after we pulled out of Niantic, CT to head north to Maine, we took a detour to Gillette Stadium. Now, mind you, I am NOT a football fan and could care less about the Patriots, but I have to say it was a quite a thrill to see an NFL stadium! I really got into it and thoroughly enjoyed our stop there!

The stadium is HUGE and it is attached to a massive shopping mall! It was pretty impressive driving up to it.

Their “gift shop” was amazing…….I wouldn’t be surprised if you could fit a Target inside it! There was section after section of everything you could possibly imagine with Patriots logos on it! I kept getting lost trying to find things I saw and wanted to go back to look again as I was deciding what to get Bryan and his family……and I couldn’t find Kevin to get his opinion! hahaha

Steps going up to the mall and restaurants

Entrance to the field

Kevin is a Bills fan, but he was pretty excited to be there, too!

We weren’t allowed to go out on the field, but could take photos through a gate at the entrance!


It was a long driving day from Niantic, CT to our next overnight stop in Saco, ME (near Portland) with the detour to Gillette Stadium, but we still took time to stop for dinner in Gloucester. Sooooooo glad we did! Another location that I LOVED!!! Gloucester is a quaint little fishing village where we didn’t spend much time – had to eat and get back on the road – but what we saw was wonderful! If I ever get back to the area, I’d love to spend some more time there.

We ate at this lovely outside cafe and had an incredible meal with views of the harbor across the street

Yeah, I know…..I posted pics of all my lobster meals in another post, but – HEY – it’s LOBSTER – and it is the main thing I wanted to do in New England!!! hahaha


This was a view from a big double bridge we crossed on the interstate – so beautiful!


That night we got in to our next overnight stop after dark… was a really nice KOA in Saco, ME (near Portland).

2017 New England States Adventure – Connecticut

Here it is……DRUM ROLL, PLEASE…….the much anticipated photos from my big New England States Adventure!!! YAY!!! There is way too much to put into one post, so this will be the first of several posts…..the basic info about the trip and our time in Connecticut!

This was yet another most excellent adventure with my brother and sister-in-law in their motor home. This time we were joined by their newest family member – Ellie, a rescued chocolate lab mix puppy! What a sweetie…..and, she traveled so well!

Me, Ellie, Lylace, and Kevin – ready to head out!

And, on the road!

And, Ellie in her favorite spot, doing her favorite past time while on the road!


  • Seven (7) states (counting NY…..cause we drove from one end to the other and camped one night in Herkimer)
  • 10 Days
  • 1,570 miles


We spent three nights in the KOA in Niantic, CT, where we rented a car so we could do Mystic, CT, Salem, MA, and Plymouth, MA. Here are a few pics from time spent in Mystic and other Connecticut stuff.

This was an interesting sight along the interstate not long after we crossed over into CT

Our campsite at the Niantic, CT KOA

We got to see a Beluga whale at the Mystic Aquarium! WOW! So cool!

Ellie and the whale were fascinated with each other…..they definitely bonded! šŸ˜€

These seals were having a blast playing and wrestling in the water together!

The penguins were fun to watch!

This was one of several HUGE crabs……all I could think was “DINNER”! haha

They had tons of fish of all kinds, but these clown fish were my favorites!

I think they like each other……

I always get a kick out of seeing the under-side of these guys – they have a goofy face!

Jellyfish are awesome!

Olde Mystic is a little “village” of old-time buildings, specialty shops and restaurants

Amazing fish and chips at a little German Pub

Then, we went to downtown Mystic so we could see Mystic Pizza

We picked up take-out slices for later that evening

It was good……I’ve had better, but it was cool to eat a slice of Mystic Pizza

Downtown Mystic is tiny and congested, but a cool little town

Look at the counter weights on that draw bridge!!!

Loved this arched entrance into the Mystic cemetery

One night while we were in Niantic, a friend of Lylace’s that lives nearby stopped by to visit with us – we had a campfire and enjoyed some wine and conversation!

NEXT POST:Ā  MASSACHUSETTS – covering Salem and Plymouth some other cool stuff we did in MAĀ 


Photos of the Day – September 29th and 30th

What is happening to this year……..September is done and tomorrow we move on into October!!! That’s a joke, right?

Well… are my last Photos of the Day for September, taken on September 29-30, 2017:


# 272 Photo Prompt – Dessert:

“Sweet Tea and Pumpkin Munchkins”



# 273 Photo Prompt – Selfie:

“Lula Heaven”


And, added surprise of a photo bomb by my friend, Melissa!!!

Taken at our church fundraiser, today — seven Lula Roe consultants set up their inventory and it was a HUGE success!!!

And, here is the second photo I took after noticing Melissa had photo bombed me……

# 273 Caught By My Lens:

Megan all snuggled in with her favorite buddy, Lamb Chop, on a chilly Saturday morning!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:

Photos of the Day – September 28th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 28, 2017:

# 271 Photo Prompt – Trash:

“Not Where This Belongs!”


#litterbugĀ  Ā #keepAmericacleanĀ  #putitwhereitbelongs

# 271 Caught By My Lens:

“Evening on the Farm”

This scene caught my eye on the way home from Batavia……just HAD to pull over and get a photo!




Photos of the Day – September 26th and 27th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 26-27, 2017:


# 269 Photo Prompt – Shape:




# 270 Photo Prompt – Bubbles:

“Bubbles on the Patio”


# 270 Caught By My Lens:

“Thank you, Lady”

This little guy sat outside my den window crunching on a seed he just plucked from one of my feeders!