The Conversation

So, as with most years, when I turned the calendar to 2018 I decided to look at some of the things I spend money on that really are a wasted expense on me. Subscriptions I used to enjoy, but don’t really bother with anymore, etc., and start rethinking them and either update or cancel them. Yesterday, I received a renewal notice for my Sirius XM radio subscription in my car. I only subscribe to one of the lowest services – mostly music – with limited stations and only have 6 stations plugged into the channel buttons on my radio. Of those 6, I mostly only listen to 3 or 4 of them and switch between them as I drive. I’ve found that they tend to repeat the same songs a lot – like they are on a 24 hour loop or something, so rarely hear something different. So, I have gotten so I hardly ever even turn the radio on when I’m in the car, anymore! So… brainer, here — why continue to spend $150-ish a year for something I find I use on a limited basis and can get for free on my regular local radio stations……yeah, it is commercial free (but, I find when I DO listen to the radio, it tends to be mindless background noise and the commercials just blend in)……yeah, when I go for drives outside the area I don’t have to search for local stations (but, really, it isn’t usually an irritation for me and as often as it may be, is it really worth $150-ish a year?)!

So…..this is one expense I decided to drop. I went online to turn off the auto-renew option so it won’t just continue after my subscription ends in March. I looked all over the site…..found ways to change my service, change the duration of my service, change my credit card info (but not remove it so it can’t be auto charged), etc…..but, no way to actually cancel the service!!! I looked at the renewal notice to see if it had instructions for how to cancel prior to auto-renew and, yes it did…..if you want to actually cancel, you have to call and talk to a physical person! I thought…..yeah, right…..they want the chance to talk me out of canceling!!! But, I did, indeed, want to cancel, so I called!

Here’s how it went…..the conversation is paraphrased, cause I honestly didn’t take it down word-for-word in shorthand (yes, I took shorthand in HS) while it was progressing:

First I had to go through all the automated mumbo jumbo…..which resulted in the robo-person telling me they don’t recognize my information and put me through to a real-person. Of course, I had to hold before said real-person picked up. Once she came on the line, she had a heavy accent I could hardly understand, so there was a lot of “excuse me, could you repeat that?” and “sorry, I didn’t understand what you said”! But, we did, indeed, have a conversation…..albeit a frustrating one!

Real-Person: “How can I help you, today?”

Me: “I received an auto-renew notice and I’d like to cancel my subscription so it does not renew in March.”

Real-Person: “Certainly, let me pull up your account.”

At which time we went though the exchange of info and she found me in the system…..something the robo-person was not able to do….score one for the real-person!

Real-Person: “I see you have been with us since 2012 and we would hate to lose you as a customer. May I ask why you are canceling your service?”

Me: “I really don’t listen to the radio much in the car anymore and can’t see spending the money on it at this point.”

Real-Person: “I totally understand that, but before we cancel your service, let me tell you that I can offer you more channels for less cost. For xxx channels, instead of xx channels, you will only have to pay $90-ish a year. Is that something you would be interested in?”

Me: “No, thank you. I honestly only listen to the same 3-6 channels anyway and, like I said, rarely do that, anymore. So, getting more for less is not of any value for me.”

Real-Person: “I totally understand that, but I’d hate for you to miss this opportunity, as I can only offer it to you while you are an active customer. Are you sure you want to pass this offer up?”

Me: “Yes, thank you, I just want to cancel.”

Real-Person: “OK, I understand that, but I have one more option for you because we really don’t want to lose you as a long time customer. We can change you to a 6-month plan for only {I forget what she said, but it was a super small amount to extend my current expiration out to 6 months from today}. Maybe by summer you will want to hear music in the car, again. Is that something you may be interested in?”

Me: “No, thank you, I really do just want to cancel.” {By now, she could tell me it is FREE and I’d still want to cancel!!!”}

Real-Person: “I understand, but what about news and current events? I don’t want to see you miss out on that.”

Me: “I never listen to news in the car – I get it for free on TV and internet, so you don’t need to worry about me staying up-to-date.”

After one more attempt to remind me that these offers are only good while I’m an active customer and suggestion that maybe I wait and think about it more, she finally processed my cancellation effective at the end of my current subscription, but did tell me that I can change my mind at any time up to the cancellation date! 😀

Why do these things have to be so difficult???

On a brighter note……we’re seeing warmer temperatures and some melting going on! YAY! The forecast for this week has some 40s and 50s in it!!! Woo Hoo!!!

And…..this is my favorite Daily Photo Challenge photo from this past week – it was taken in church yesterday morning:

“Sun Through Stained Glass”


And, finally…..a funny:

{insert sinister laugh, here}

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…..

So……Western New York – in fact, the entire east coast – is being hammered with arctic cold temperatures and snow! “Winter Wonderland” is NOT an accurate phrase for what we are experiencing….nope, I think “The Ice Age Returns” or “Arctic Tundra” is more appropriate! Today, the snow seems to have stopped with a little faint flakes blowing around, BUT…..the wind and the super cold temperatures have shut down schools, county offices, stores, and is keeping people inside where it is safe and warm!

For me…..I am staying put… driveway needs to be cleared, but I’m not going anywhere and I could get out in an emergency, if I need to, so I am NOT going out for the length of time it will take to clear it…..not today and maybe not tomorrow…..Sunday the temps are predicted to have TWO digits, so it can wait a couple days…..I have bread and milk and heat! hahaha I did go out for just a few minutes to clear a path off the deck and down the back steps for my fur-baby, Megan……she won’t go far – goes out, takes care of business, and comes right back in – but, she needs a safe path to get down the steps to avoid injury – she went out early this morning and was really leery of going down the steps she couldn’t see, so I needed to fix that for her! It was the coldest few minutes of my life! I was bundled up, but parts of my face were exposed and the frigid wind stung my skin so bad!!!

This was my Daily Photo Challenge pic for today…..the topic was “Stacked”!

Not gonna sit out to read any time soon…..

Even the icicles are coated with snow!!!

Megan’s path…….

Stay warm, peeps……I may just hibernate till Spring! 😀


2017 – It Was a Crafty Year!

I used to love doing crafts….ceramics, cake baking/decorating, floral decorating, etc….but, got away from it over the years. In late 2016, I discovered Brushstrokes Studios – a new shop where you can go paint ceramics in our neighboring town, Medina – and dabbled a little. THEN – in 2017, I dove right in…..and, not only with ceramics, I got into other crafty things! And…..I became one of the Three Amigos that love to do crafty things…..and that relationship has turned into a wonderful friendship….Kim, Jan, and Karie!

Here is a look back at all my craftiness in 2017:

We did Bead and Sip events:

I bought some memory wire bracelet kits to do at home, too — Love these!

We did stuff with plants and wreaths and even garlic with the gang at Navarras Farm Market and the Master Gardeners:

We did a Paint ‘n Sip at the Medina Library and The Vintage Apple Garden:

And, then there was the ceramics events (sometimes with wine, sometimes with food, always a BLAST) at Brushstokes Studio:

Oh…..and I painted some rocks to hide around town and I also hid some around the New England States on my trip:

But…..the crafty thing I’m most proud of, so far…..I am working on making a whole set of dishes and serving pieces at Brushstrokes…..a project that will continue on into 2018 (cause I’m not done, yet):

Chip and Dip Dish

One place setting – dinner plate, sandwich/dessert plate, and soup bowl – minus the square salad bowl – I have four complete place settings done, so far…..planning on either 6 or 8 settings – not sure, yet!

I added square salad bowls to the place settings, but looks like I didn’t take a “done” photo!

Large oval platter

Butter dish

Large serving bowl

Deviled egg platter

Dancing sugar and creamer

That’s it for now…..need to do 2-4 more place settings and some more serving pieces!

So….that’s the crafty side of my year!!! Can’t wait to see what creations the Three Amigos produce together in 2018!!! ❤


2017 Year In Review

2017 turned out to be a pretty awesome year…..2018 has a lot to live up to – but, I am confident that it will prove to be up for the challenge!

Here are the highlights of all that happened and some of my favorite photos from 2017:

  • I colored in SIX new states (plus Washington, DC, so really SEVEN) on my map…..leaving me with only SEVEN more to completely turn the US pink!!! This year, I colored in Washington State, Oregon, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, and Washington DC! I had planned on visiting Kentucky this year and Iowa next year, but the trip that was scheduled for Kentucky was canceled, so I took advantage of the change in plans and went to Iowa, instead! I’m so glad I did….more on that later! 🙂

  • I knocked a few things off my Bucket List
    • Washington DC
    • Napa Valley
    • Drive through the New England States
    • Color in at least FOUR new states towards coloring in ALL 50 states
    • Visit Chittenango, NY
    • 1000 Islands
    • Gettysburgh
    • Travel by train
  • I started my own business – I invested in the start up of a LuLaRoe direct sale home business selling beautiful, comfortable clothing in October and launched my business in November! So far, so good! I’m having fun and have been fairly successful, so far!

2017 Adventures:

I started the year off with a West Coast Adventure that involved seeing the entire West Coast from top to bottom, including Mexico, using planes, trains, automobiles, boats, buses, and cruise ships! Whew! The adventure lasted two weeks – the last week in March and first week in April. I started out flying to San Francisco and catching a cruise ship for seven days with stops in Santa Barbara, Long Beach (LA), San Diego, and Ensenada, Mexico. It was fantastic – first time I did a cruise by myself! I was a little nervous about it, but it ended up I wasn’t alone, after all….I cruised and took tours in every port with a couple thousand new friends!!! 😀 When the cruise ship returned to San Francisco, I spent a few days there going on double decker bus city tours seeing the sites and day tours to Napa Valley / Sonoma and Muir Woods / Sausalito. From there, I took the Coastal Starlight Train from San Francisco to Seattle, passing through the scenic areas of Oregon. The train was an over night ride, so I had a sleeper car with all the perks that come with that travel option – meals in the dining car, wine tasting in the club car, comfortable seating in the lounge car! Then, I spent a couple more days in Seattle seeing the sights there before flying back home!

Here are the links to the blog posts with all the photos and stories from this amazing adventure:

If I had to pick just a few favorite photos, I think it would be these…..although, it is truly unfair of my to do so and short change all the others, so please check out the links for the rest!

Next up was my Washington, DC Adventure – I went with two good friends and traveling buddies May 8-12. I had never been and always wanted to go and they hadn’t been in many years, so we decided to go together. In making the plans, it became evident right away that we could NEVER see everything we wanted to see in one trip. So, we decided to make it an annual trip – go every year for short visits and see something different every time we go! Our inaugural trip consisted of general city bus tours, the National Mall, one Smithsonian, and a few other things. We traveled there by train, which was awesome! And, the hotel we chose was the perfect location. We are currently starting to plan this year’s trip – hopefully timing it so we can catch the cherry blossoms, travel by train again, and see more Smithsonians, museums, and perhaps the National Cathedral.

Here is the link to that blog post with lots of photos:

And, here are a couple of my favorite photos:

Then, the first weekend in June, I went on a Chittenango, NY Adventure to visit the Land of Oz! The first weekend in June every year, the Village of Chittenango hosts an event called Oz-Stravaganza! Chittenango is the birthplace of L Frank Baum – author of the Wizard of Oz books and they go all out to celebrate that fact. I stayed in an awesome Bed and Breakfast Inn and also toured around the area and saw Chittenango Falls, a Canal Museum, a fabulous Wild Animal Park, and other area attractions.

Here are the links to those blog posts with photos:

And, a few of my favorite photos:

On August 4th, I went on an Adventure in the Sky! A dear friend was up visiting from NC and I asked him to get a photo of my house from his airplane when he was out flying around one day. He suggested I go up with him and take the photo myself……um, I wasn’t so sure about that, but I agreed and am soooooo glad I did! We flew all over the county and I got some of the most awesome photos!!! It was a fantastic day!!!

Here is that blog link with all the photos:

And, here are some of my favorites:

My house! 😀

In August, I went on a day bus trip with a friend to the 1000 Islands. I hadn’t been there since I was a little girl and had it on my bucket list since I returned home…..finally got there! We took the boat ride around all the islands and toured Boldt Castle.

Here is that link:

And, a few favorite photos:

The first two weeks in September was the grand New England Adventure with my brother and sister-in-law in their motor home! We toured all over the New England states and saw lots of amazing things, ate tons of lobster, and had an amazing time!

Here are the links – you won’t want to miss these photos:

And….although it was so hard to choose… are a few of my favorite photos:

Also in September, I went on the I Love Lucy Adventure – another day bus trip with another friend to Jamestown, NY to tour the Lucy/Desi Museum and visit a few local wineries. Jamestown is Lucille Ball’s hometown and they really celebrate her in a big way, there! We toured the two museums dedicated to her, took a boat tour, and stopped at two wineries.

Click here for the blog post:

And, here are a couple fave photos:

In October, I had planned on a trip to Kentucky and Ohio with a group I belong to that does a lot of tours. But, the tour was canceled due to lack of interest. So, we were refunded the money. I was disappointed, but instantly decided that since I had considered the money I got back “spent” and the time for the trip was blocked out and I was now free to do whatever I wanted, I took the refund and booked a flight and hotel for a Dubuque, Iowa Adventure!!! Why Dubuque, Iowa, you ask? Well, last year I went with my brother and sister-in-law and her sister on a 34 day cross country trip in their motor home – we visited 22 states and when we were done, Iowa was the only state in the center of the country that remained uncolored!!! That drove me NUTS!!!! I was determined to find a reason to go there next year (oh, wait, THIS year – haha). So, I figured I could flip Kentucky and Iowa and get Iowa done and catch Kentucky later! So, I researched things to do and decided that Dubuque was the place to stay and tour around from there. I took off by myself – flew to Dubuque and then put over 700 miles on my rental car in two and a half days and saw some of the most amazing things!!! I visited the house that the movie Field of Dreams was filmed at, the crash site where Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Richie Valens died, and the American Pickers store……among other things! It was such a great trip!!!

Here are the links:

And……some of my fave photos:

And, my final BIG adventure was my Hershey, PA / Gettysburg Adventure the end of October! I met friends there – I drove down from NY and they drove up from NC and we spent a couple days seeing the sites. Visiting Gettysburg was a humbling and emotional day – the history and stories were so powerful. I enjoyed that trip so much!

Here is the blog link:

And, a few top picks of the photos:

Chocolate Martinis in Hershey, PA! 😀

Then, there were a few little local adventures throughout the year……

I took a Potty Tour……a tour of outhouses that are part of the Cobblestone Museum Complex and learned about the history of the “privy”!

I went on a Garden Tour to visit various local gardens with the Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Group and saw some of the most stunning gardens I’ve ever seen!

And, others……

Yes, it was a full and adventurous year! But, also a year of “firsts” without my Mom, who passed away in April 2016. There were also two other planned trips that the friends I was going with and I decided to skip for one reason or another – a trip to Branson, MO in December and a trip to NYC over Thanksgiving. Although I was disappointed at the time we decided to skip the trips, I’m glad we did……I crammed a little too much into one year and there is always another year to re-plan those trips!

And, now…..for some of my favorite photos from the year that didn’t involve adventures:


So, there you have it……my year in pictures, stories, and blog links!!! hehehe

Hope 2018 is an incredible year for all…..I know I’m planning to do my best to make MY 2018 amazing!!!



Photos of the Day – December 29th, 30th, and 31st


Farewell to 2017 and Welcome 2018!!!

Here are my final three Photos of the Day for 2017……Representing December 29-31, 2017:


# 363 Photo Prompt – Makes Me Happy:

“I Found The Great Ice Formation To Photograph”



# 364 Photo Prompt – Best Photo of 2017:

“It was a tough decision…..there were so many awesome photos…..but, this is my choice!”



# 365 Photo Prompt – Cheers:

“Words to Remember Through 2018…..and Beyond!”




Royal blue micro-dot LLR Leggings with a gorgeous, vibrant Lynnae!!!

That’s how I Roe’d, Today!!!


January 2018s Photo Prompts:

So… are the January 2018 Photo-A-Day Challenge Prompts! I am going to continue this on through 2018, but am only going to routinely post them on Instagram and Facebook. I doubt I will routinely make it a point to catch them up on here every few days. I will post photos I take and will likely post some of my favorites from this challenge…..just not committing to post every single one! I really want to try to get my blog back to the intent of it… write about my thoughts and experiences and document my life through photos……we’ll see how that goes…..cause I keep trying to get back on track and keep falling back into the habit of just posting the photos I take cause I’m prompted to do so by some list of challenges!

Have a fun, but safe New Year’s Eve…….see you next year!!! 🙂

Photos of the Day – December 26th, 27th, and 28th

We’re getting to the end of another month AND another year…..soon we’ll be ringing in 2018! WOW!

Here are my Photos of the Day for December 26-28, 2017:


# 360 Photo Prompt – Where I Slept:

“I got up to wash my face, when I come back to bed someone’s taking my place!”



# 361 Photo Prompt – Good Times:

OK, so I forgot to take a photo on the 27th……so, this is playing catch up and was actually taken on the 28th! Sorry! (not sorry)

“Late Lunch With Friends in LeRoy”


The upside down tree at D and R Depot Restaurant in LeRoy, NY!


# 362 Photo Prompt – Snack:



OK, so technically it was dessert, but I knew after the meal I ate that there would be NO snacking to get a photo of!

This is the Apple Bread Pudding at D & R Depot Restaurant…..perfect finish to a great meal and amazing time with good friends…..and, a new friend!!!


I haven’t posted an outfit of the day in a while…….since I took this for my LuLaRoe VIP Shopping Group Page on FB, this morning, I’ll post it here, too!

LLR Leggings with a Lynnae (long sleeve t-shirt) and a Sarah (long duster-style sweater)

And, finally……after I left the restaurant, I went looking for the “Jello Barn” that my friend, Tom, told me about! I found it…..not without some drama, as I passed right by the road he told me to turn on – TWICE, but I did find it and here are the photos to prove it!!!

The first side of the barn you see as you approach it (driving south – away from LeRoy) is a Mail Pouch Tobacco barn ad……

And the other side that you see after you turn around and head back toward LeRoy is the Jello side! Super cool!


December 2017s Photo Prompts:

Photos of the Day – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

First up….Here are my Photos of the Day for December 25th:

# 359 Photo Prompt – My Day:

“Staying warm on this quiet, snowy Christmas morning!”


We had our family Christmas last night, so today I’m looking forward to snuggling up on the couch in my LLR leggings, a cozy sweatshirt, and my brand new Christmas slippers!!!

Advent Photo Challenge – Day 23 – Home:


No one lives here, currently, but it is indeed a home – a family of bluebirds loved it this past season!


Christmas Eve with my family:

Of course, there was FOOD!!!

Megan and her delicious gift from her Uncle Kevin!

The BEST photo of the night – Nolen with his new suspender jeans and Chewbacca mask – that growled every time he opened his mouth!

2017 Family Christmas Photo!

And, the goofy version…..cause, well, its US!!!!

Get on you feet and rock it out with The Rock!!! 😀


December 2017s Photo Prompts (Advent Challenge is done as of today):