Photo of the Day – June 14th

Here is my Photo of the Day for June 14, 2017:

# 165 Photo Prompt – Begins With F:

“Happy Flag Day!”



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Photos of the Day – June 12th and 13th

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 12-13, 2017:


# 163 Photo Prompt – Exercise:

“Alternating Deep Ankle Bends”


Yep, that’s the best I could come up with on Monday! hehehe


# 164 Photo Prompt – Time:


lost track of #time

I got so involved in “morning stuff” – watering, filling bird feeders, taking the trash to the road, reading, visiting the cemetery……I totally lost track of time and suddenly had to get in the shower so I could make it where I needed to be by 11:00-ish!!!

# 164 Caught By My Lens:

“Flowers From My Garden for Mom and Pop”

I cut these peonies and lilacs and put them out in my spike vase at the cemetery……they are almost done for the season, so wanted to grab some while I still could!

“Stopped For The Train in Bergen”

On my way to lunch with the ladies group from church……went to The Depot in LeRoy!


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Photos of the Day – June 11th

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 11, 2017:

# 162 Photo Prompt – Stunning:

“Amazing View For Lunch”


I went to lunch at Boone and Crockett’s at Point Breeze with a friend, today, for the first time this season. I love sitting on their deck while I eat and enjoy this incredible view of Oak Orchard River and Lake Ontario.

# 162 Caught By My Lens:

“Robin in Her Nest”

While we had lunch, I noticed this robin in her nest in the corner just above our table! I thought it was amazing how calm she was as she just sat there on her eggs with the speaker playing music just above her and all the noise and movement of the lunch crowd! Very cool, in deed!


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Photos of the Day – June 10th

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 10, 2017:

# 161 Photo Prompt – Map:

“Eleven To Go….”


Pink = states I’ve visited

Yellow = countries I’ve visited (that show on this map)

Blue = significant bodies of water I have seen

# 161 Caught By My Lens:

“Yes, it is June…..and….Yes, that is Santa!”

The theme of the Albion Strawberry Festival Parade honored our own Charles W. Howard – a.k.a. Santa!

Read a previous post I wrote telling all about our wonderful Santa – click here!


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Photo of the Day – June 9th and My Fairy Village

Today was the start of the Albion Strawberry Festival – continues tomorrow after the big parade in the morning. So, you can bet I’ll be posting some photos after the weekend is over to show off our big annual event! I spent some time wandering around the craft vendors area with friends this morning and bought myself a new hat… hats…..didn’t really need another one, but couldn’t resist!!! But, before that, I worked on my Fairy Village…..I started it about a week ago by just setting out some fairy and gnome related things I had, but I didn’t like how it looked – too crowded and hap-hazard! So, I got some things to add to it and planned it out better and re-did it this morning…..MUCH BETTER!!! The weather was amazing for festival-ing, gardening, and relaxing on the patio…..when I wasn’t on the go!

Here is my Photo of the Day for June 9, 2017:

# 160 Photo Prompt – Full:

“New Hat”

#full (brim)

So……my Fairy Village…….it is a horseshoe shape around the base of my weeping crab apple tree with special stepping stones as the border! There are fairies, gnomes, fairy houses, flowers, the Bird Buffet, and some really cool things I picked up at the Oz-Stravaganza Festival I attended in Chittenango, NY this past weekend!!! Some things were bought and some I made myself! I think it is a really nice little Village that I hope the fairies and gnomes enjoy! 🙂

I bought this stepping stone because it is an Abraham Lincoln quote and it reminds me of my recent trip to DC and visit to Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot.

One of two Goofy Gus’s

Here’s the other one…..

One of the special items I purchased at the Oz Festival in Chittenango!

This is one of the original Z-Bricks used to create the Yellow Brick sidewalks that go all along the main street through downtown Chittenango! When the state widened the street, they tore up the Yellow Brick sidewalks! 😦 The town salvaged the bricks and use them for various things – like these hand painted ones that are sold at the All Things Oz Museum – proceeds benefit the museum, which is totally run by volunteers and is really quite awesome. The Yellow Brick sidewalks were replaced, but they are now made out of stamped concrete to look like brick……still very cool, in deed, but these original Z-Bricks were really special!

Also included in this photo are two planters — the one on the left is one I hand painted at a Paint Night at the Medina Library!

I also purchased three stepping stones with Oz themes at the All Things Oz Museum

Also in this photo are two ceramic items that I painted while I was at the Oz Fest in a little shop in Chittenango – the Princess and the Ruby Slipper!

I made these at Brushstrokes Studios — the Cool Dude gnome, both the Fairy Houses, and the Blonde Fairy!

At the right side end of the Fairy Village is the Bird Buffet with angels beneath the feeders

Another item I really love…..this is one of two I have on either side of the lighthouse in the center of my front island garden…..they were meant to go in the Fairy Village, but they were kind of “lost” under the tree cause they are tall and end just about at the branches…, I decided to put them here where they will get more sun and be more easily seen and enjoyed!


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Photos of the Day – June 7th and 8th

Here are my Photos of the Day for June 7-8, 2017:


# 158 Photo Prompt – Entrance:

“My Door”



# 159 Photo Prompt – Arrow:

“To The Garden”



June 2017s Photo Prompts:

What is Blooming Today!

The rain over the past few days has awakened a lot of my flowering bushes and plants! Here is what has bloomed practically overnight in my yard……don’t pay attention to the tall grass – it definitely needs to be mowed – the rain woke it up, too, but it is too wet to mow! Hhhmmm…….

These four lilac bushes were beginning to make me wonder if I would ever see blossoms on them! They were planted four years ago – last year was the first year that showed any sign of possible blooms – they got sticks that looked like they might have tiny buds, but they never opened up, so three years of very pretty, full looking bushes with NO blossoms! This year, they got those same sticks with tiny buds and it looked like they weren’t going to do anything, again! BUT…..look at what happened within the past few days!!! BLOSSOMS!!! And they smell AMAZING!!! Guess I won’t give up on them, after all!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

My peonies are mostly open and gorgeous…..with lots more buds ready to pop any day!!!

I have two huge deep purple clematis plants……one on the side of the house next to the chimney and one on the corner of the shed……just stunning!!!

My dark horse weigela bushes are loaded with blossoms, too!

Not sure what these in the front of the weigela’s are, but they are lovely!

We put in a new creeping rose bush this year to compliment the rose of sharons and it is VERY pretty!!!

Other plants…..not sure what they are, but they are adding pops of color around the gardens!

I have two of these…..they have the prettiest yellow buttercup looking blossoms – about an inch across!

The delicate little blossoms on this are so sweet looking!

Can not wait to watch and enjoy the other aspects of my gardens wake up and add beauty to my yard throughout the summer!