Photos of the Day – May 1st

Happy May Day!!! OK, so the April Showers can end any time, now….it is May….time for the May Flowers!!! 😀

Here are the Photos of the Day for May 1, 2017:

# 121 Photo Prompt – Window:

“Morning View”


# 121 Caught By My Lens:

“Got Boat?”

And no end in sight!


May 2017s Photo Prompts:

Photos of the Day – April 30th

Here we are on the night of the last day of April… just a few minutes, we will have a third of the year behind us! Hard to believe! I spent this last day of April with family celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday…..her special day is actually this coming Weds, but today was the day we could all get together! I just wish it had been warmer…….after the last couple of weeks of spring, it felt like we were thrown back in to the middle of winter, already – has spring ended – you know, like they say, ooppss, blinked and missed it, better luck next year!!!??? Nah…..just a last ditch effort to tease us, I’m sure!

So……here are the Photos of the Day for April 30, 2017:

# 120 Photo Prompt – This Makes Me Happy:

“My Family”


Finally got another chance to use that selfie-stick I bought for our Most Excellent Adventure!!! 🙂

“My Silly Family”


# 120 Caught By My Lens:

“Not My Family”


BTW – the warning sign is because they used to have life-sized dolls on this bench that they dressed to look like their grandchildren (actually, I thought it was kinda creepy – this is much better). People would stop all the time to take photos. Then, vandals started to damage them and eventually stole them, if I remember the story correctly! Pretty bad, huh? So, I see they finally put this display out there, but felt the need to say there are security cameras in use to deter any possible vandals from ruining it! What a sad world we live in!

“Sorta My Family”

These pretty ladies live in this lovely coop in my nephew’s family’s back yard…..they have quite the life – treated like family pets and enjoy being a part of the gang in exchange for a few eggs each day!


May 2017s Photo Prompts:

Muir Woods and Sausalito, CA Adventure

So, my main reason for spending several extra days in San Francisco after my Coastal California Cruise was to see some of the areas surrounding the city. I booked two full day tours – the first was to Muir Woods and Sausalito. I used Gray Line for the tours. The day started out a tad frustrating……the bus was late picking up at the various hotels, so we missed the 9:00 tour. We were told there was another one at 10:00, but 10:00 came and went and we weren’t put on a bus to start the tour! Finally, the Gray Line guy came out and said he had good news and bad news – the good news was there was a shuttle on the way – the bad news was it would only hold 18 people and there were around 30 booked! Apparently, someone had grossly over booked that day’s Muir Woods/Sausalito tour. So……he said the first 18 people in line would get to go and the rest they will discuss alternatives for. As they counted out the first 18, I quickly realized I was going to be somewhere around # 22…..UGH!!! Then, he got to # 17 and the next few people in line were parties of 2 or more, so he said “we have one more seat – is anyone here a single?” My hand shot up with the speed of lightening! So, I got on the bus! YAY! Day saved! But, there were a lot of angry people on the bus – mainly those who had the Muir Woods/Sausalito/Alcatraz tour – they would have to skip Sausalito in order to make it to Alcatraz in time for the final ferry to the island! But, I just tuned them out and enjoyed my day…..and thanked the Lord that I didn’t have any interest in going to Alcatraz, so didn’t get the expanded ticket! 😀

I wasn’t that impressed with Sausalito – a lovely little harbor town, but loaded with high end shops and restaurants, so I spent my time there sitting on a bench overlooking the harbor and watching the boats and birds! But, Muir Woods was what made the day fabulous! It is so majestic – I walked the trails (most of them) and sat on benches along the way and just gazed in awe at the massive trees and God’s splendor! It really was incredible!

The woods are so dense and the trees are so tall that it was very difficult to get any photos good enough to display the beauty and capture all that I saw……but, I gave it the old college try and this is what I captured:



I always try to make the most of whatever hand I’m dealt and have a good time……this was a perfect example of how I could have allowed the start of the day to ruin the entire day —- like so many others on the tour did —- but, I chose to see it as a minor hiccup that ended splendidly!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! hahaha

Next up — I’ll post my photos of the Napa Valley / Sonoma day tour……one of my top favorite things of the entire trip!!!

Photos of the Day – April 28th and 29th

Ooppss…..I see I forgot to post yesterday’s Photos of the Day! Oh well….I’ll just do a double take, today! 😀

Here are the Photos of the Day for April 28-28, 2017:

April 28th

# 118 Photo Prompt – Get in the Photo:

“Among the Crab Apple Blossoms”


# 118 Caught By My Lens:

“Crab Apple Blossoms are Popping”

My pride and joy……love, love, love this tree!!!

April 29th

# 119 Photo Prompt – Transport:

“Trunk Full of Bird Seed and Peanuts”


Gotta keep the birds (and squirrels) happy!!!

# 119 Caught By My Lens:


One of two in my gardens this color that have fully blossomed already!!!


April 2017s Photo Prompts:

One more day…..

May 2017s Photo Prompts:

Sneak Peek…..

Japanese Tea Garden – San Francisco Adventure

I’m going to skip ahead a couple days to my last day in San Francisco – don’t worry, I’ll go back to the wonderful tours I took to Muir Woods and Napa Valley – but really wanted to show you the Japanese Tea Garden, today! On my last day in San Francisco, I had to check out in the morning, but didn’t have to catch the bus to the train until about 9:00 that night. So, I asked the Cow Hollow Inn to store my luggage for me (which they were happy to do) and I set out for one more day of sight seeing. I had booked a bay cruise to end my time in San Francisco…..a nice relaxing boat ride on the bay to enjoy one more day of warmth and sunshine before heading out to Seattle, which predicted cooler temps and possible rain. But, I did a really thorough job of seeing everything I wanted to see, with one exception……and, other than getting a closer look at Alcatraz as the tour boat passed by it, I wasn’t going to see anything new AND I wasn’t going to see the one thing I missed out on and wished I hadn’t! See, when I did the hop-on-hop-off tours earlier in the week, I missed the chance to hop off at Golden Gate Park with enough time to go through a wonderful Japanese Tea Garden they have there and I was really disappointed about that. So……I decided to skip the bay cruise and spend the bulk of my last day in Golden Gate Park and this amazing garden. Oh, I am so glad I did… really was awesome!!!

Here are photos that fail to truly prove how incredibly beautiful and peaceful it is!

The entrance

You can’t go to a Japanese Tea Garden without having tea! And, I do love tea! This is a steaming cup of Jasmine Tea and Arare – a snack mix and two fortune cookies – very good!

These were my fortunes!

This is the open air cafe where I had my tea and snack – it was just lovely!

The garden was a park with winding paths through flowers, trees, sculptures, water features, structures, and sheer beauty!!! I spent over two hours just taking it all in and I know I didn’t see it all!

I had all day to kill, so after spending a good chunk of time here, I wandered around Golden Gate Park (photos were included in the San Francisco Adventure post) and headed back to the area where my hotel was for dinner. After dinner, it was still way too early to head to the bus……which, was at Fisherman’s Wharf and it would have been nice to just go there for the rest of my time, but I would have had to lug around two suitcases and a tote with no where to stow them (it was just a bench by an Amtrak sign), so that wouldn’t have been good! So, the Cow Hollow Inn folks were nice enough to let me just sit and read in their lobby until time to grab a cab to the Wharf. I still got to the bus stop with about two hours to wait, but that was OK – I sat there with my luggage enjoying some “people watching” time. At it turned out, an earlier bus than the one I was booked on came by and the driver took pity on me (it was getting rather chilly) and let me get on his bus, which took me to the train station in Emoryville where I could sit and read inside a warm station waiting for my 10-something train! 🙂 So, I had a wonderful, relaxing day and was the recipient of multiple acts of kindness! Can’t do much better than that!

So, that is the Japanese Tea Garden……I’ll post the photos from the other two day trips in the San Francisco area soon! 🙂

Photos of the Day – April 27th

It was a fabulous day……very warm (almost hit 90!!!) and sunny! I mowed my lawn and then treated myself to my first zweigles hot dog and mac salad lunch of the season…..then, I headed to Point Breeze to soak up some peaceful ambiance and get my Photos of the Day! Later this evening, I went BACK to the Point for dinner with a friend at the Black North Inn! It was a wonderful day and I got home before the little mini thunderstorm hit! 🙂

Here are the Photos of the Day for April 27, 2017:

# 117 Photo Prompt – Smooth:

“Beautiful Day on the River”


# 117 Caught By My Lens:

“Headed Out Onto The Lake”

“And There He Goes…..”

More photos from today’s visit to Point Breeze:

Fishing on the rocks

The lake was a little muddy and churned up, but still pretty calm!

Lots of debris washed up on shore from the recent wind storms

And on another note…..this was taken on Tuesday:

For those who have been readers of my blog for a while, you may remember I wrote about having to leave our beloved, historic church building because the repair costs were far beyond our means. Well, the old building has sold – we closed on the sale last Friday – and another church is now going to be worshiping there! It is bittersweet, indeed, to see another church name on our wonderful old building. While we are sad to see it go, we are happy to be relieved of the burden of its care and are very happy to know it will continue to be a church serving our community!


April 2017s Photo Prompts:


Photos of the Day – April 26th

Today was a simply gorgeous day! And, both my photos for today showcase just how stunning it was!

Here are the Photos of the Day for April 26, 2017:

# 116 Photo Prompt – Rectangle:

“Framed View”


I searched and searched and couldn’t find a creative rectangle to meet today’s photo prompt! Then, I stepped out of the side door at church this evening after choir practice and BAM – there was my rectangle……I always LOVE this view of the Orleans County Courthouse and County Clerk’s Building from this vantage point – framed between the two buildings!  Especially on a gorgeous evening!

# 116 Caught By My Lens:

“Canal Filled For The Season”

Medina’s Canal Basin

And…..just a couple extra to show off my finished paint projects I picked up today:

“Gnome and Fairy”

Can you just hear this cool dude saying, “How You Doin’?” to his fairy friend in a distinct Joey Tribianni voice???

“And, their homes”


April 2017s Photo Prompts: