Photos of the Day – September 24th and 25th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 24-25, 2017:

This should be my primary Photo of the Day everyday!!!


# 267 Photo Prompt – Everyday Adventures:

“Time For Hay Rides”



# 268 Photo Prompt – Clean:

“All Caught Up”


# 268 Caught By My Lens:

Spider Man Pest Control came to remove my hornet’s nest! Thankfully, he discovered it was inactive and harmless! He scraped it off the side of the house where it was located in my dormer and was successful in getting it down in one piece! A science teacher I know wanted it, if we could get it down intact and it was safe to handle. I have never seen one up close and certainly never seen the inside of one! I was amazed when I saw it……so delicate – it can easily be crushed or crumble – I’m surprised the wind and rain doesn’t ruin it after all the work the hornets put into making it! Also, since it was stuck to the side of the house, it is only three sided, so it is really cool to see all the intricate architecture of the hive…..layer after layer of little homes for their eggs! Incredible! I hope the students who get to study this are as in awe of it as I am! Now…..if it wasn’t inactive, that bugger would have been saturated with chemicals and crushed into nothingness without a second thought! hehehe




Photos of the Day – Sept 22nd and 23rd

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 22-23, 2017:


# 265 Photo Prompt – Care:

“It’s All In the Details…”


Purple nails for the Albion Purple Eagles Homecoming Game!

# 265 Caught By My Lens:

And…..the rest of the outfit – my Purple Eagle Pride shining bright!!!

Lula Roe eagle leggings and purple Albion HS Alumni Foundation T-Shirt


# 266 Photo Prompt – Rule of Thirds:

“On the Side of the Road”


# 266 Caught By My Lens:

“Rut Ro…..Found this up in my second story dormer!!!”

Haven’t seen any activity, but thinking I need to call an exterminator……too high to shoot spray (think even the long distance spray kind) and I’m not about to get up there any closer!!!




Photos of the Day – September 21st

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 21, 2017:

# 264 Photo Prompt – Between:

“Stuck……Rock……Hard Place!”


# 264 Caught By My Lens:

“He’s Baaaaack!!!”

My new friend……the pretty colored squirrel……has proven to be quite the dare devil! Yesterday, I caught him balancing between the shepherd’s hook and bird feeder and at the time the photo above was shot, he was precariously stretched between the two and the feeder was pushing away — I was sure he was about to fall on his butt, BUT…..he hung on! 😀

I attended a “Mini / Fairy Garden” class at Navarra’s Farm Market and Greenhouses last night. I’ve made several fairy gardens, but none this year, so I wanted to go and enjoy some time with friends and create something pretty! I took the gnome, fairy, and houses I painted in ceramics and a rock I painted earlier in the day to make it extra special…..I wasn’t sure how much would fit, but I managed to get it all in and then some! LOVE how it turned out!

One of my “crafty” friends, Jan, and me with our finished products! Jan’s was AMAZING!!!

Jan’s……the Best in Class!!! 😀

AND…….I won a door prize……how stinking cute is this!!!???



Photos of the Day – September 20th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 20, 2017:

# 263 Photo Prompt – Dinner:

“Making off with a mouthful for later….”

#dinner   #hegottwo

# 263 Caught By My Lens:

“Not my usual gray squirrel!!!???”

First I’ve seen this little guy, but my neighbor across the street has seen him in her feeders for a while. He is a really pretty color…..sorta like a red squirrel and a gray squirrel hooked up and had this love child!!! hahaha

Morning Visitors

The Bird Buffet was a busy eatery this morning! At one point, I had TWO squirrels, FOUR blue jays, and TWO crows all jockeying for their share of the goodies! The squirrels kept chasing the crows away, but they’d come right back……..the blue jays fought each other for their spot at the tray…….and the blue jays tried to run the squirrels off, but that didn’t work – the squirrels held their ground! Some ate from the tray and others were lazy and just waited to grab up the ones that fell on the ground! It was an extremely entertaining morning, in deed! 😀

Pole Dancer Extraordinaire!!! 

And, one of the blue jays had to show off HIS pole dancing skills, too!



Photos of the Day – September 19th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 19, 2017:

# 262 Photo Prompt – Out of Focus:

“Fairy Village”


# 262 Caught By My Lens:

“Making off with a Peanut”



Photos of the Day – September 17th and 18th

Here are my Photos of the Day for September 17-18, 2017:


# 260 Photo Prompt – My Addiction:

“My Lula Leggings”

#myaddiction   #roomformore   #doesnotcountotherlula


# 261 Photo Prompt – Out Take:

“Blue Jay Enjoying a Bath”

#outtake   #bestpartofpic



Movie Review – Home Again

You know I love going to a matinee movie at the theater…..but, I haven’t been in a while – nothing has caught my eye for quite some time. But, today my friend, Cathy, and I went to Tinseltown and saw Home Again with Reece Witherspoon and LOVED IT!!! Definitely my kind of movie — funny, sentimental, cute story, and great characters!

Reece Witherspoon is perfectly cast as 40 year old, mother of two, Alice – recently separated and relocated from NYC to LA to live in a house she inherited from her father with her daughters. At her 40th birthday party, she meets three budding movie makers in their mid-20s – one she has an immediate attraction to. From there, the comedy ensues, friendships blossom, and her and her daughter’s lives are forever changed!

Loved the characters…….loved the story…….the acting was top notch…….Reece Witherspoon is her usual adorable self…….and the eye candy was well worth the price of admission! 😀 It made for a very enjoyable Monday afternoon with a good friend! And… met all my criteria for the perfect movie: I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with the characters, and I left feeling good! I even loved the ending (which is not always something I can say honestly)!

If you like romantic comedies, chick-flicks, and just plain all around feel good movies, you’ll love this one! Go see it!!!!

I rate this one a strong A+ with a “Hell Yeah!” – two thumbs up recommendation!

Here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t seen it, yet!