Snow on your food? No Problem!

No words necessary……the title and photos says it all!

February Favorite Fotos – Part Two

Goodbye, February……can’t say as I’m sorry to see you go! Here’s to hoping March is much kinder to us……bringing thoughts of Spring and new beginnings! Here are a few of my favorite Daily Photo Challenge pics from the last half of February – the Daily Prompt is the caption for each photo!



Over My Head


(I forgot “Shadow” day, so “Over My Head” played double duty)

A Photo

Little Details

Blue and Green



This coming week is the beginning of the Lenten Season…….so, I will be doing the usual Daily Photo Challenge AND a Lenten Photo Challenge! Looking forward to what I’ll come up with for both lists of prompts!

February Favorite Fotos – Part One

We’re at the half way point for February…….good time to share my fave photos, so far, from February’s Daily Photo Challenge! The daily topic is noted under each photo!

Something Blue





Fave Smell




Until we meet again……tootle loo!!!


Morning Visitor

This is why I don’t get much done around here in the mornings……I get up about 7:00 am…….take care of Megan – breakfast and let her out to take care of business and make sure the yard is the way she left it when she went to bed the night before…….and then I get on here, where I sit and look out at the bird feeders right outside the window, and get all wrapped up in the entertainment of the day – either by the birds or the squirrels!!!

And, so it goes…….

Ice, Ice, Baby – Feb 2019

The weather in Western NY has been……well……typical! hahaha We were socked in with a wicked snow storm and wind chills in the negative double digits, then enjoyed a few days of spring-like weather in the 50-60’s, and then found ourselves coated with a thick layer of ice…..all within about a week!!! That’s WNY for ya!!!

Here are some photos of the ice storm of yesterday and today……all taken from inside where it is nice and warm with a zoom lens……I’m not crazy enough to risk slip sliding around outside for a few photos! hehehe

Full disclosure – I didn’t take this one – a friend who stopped by took it cause she thought it looked cool and sent it to me!

A not so hot burning bush……

And……the funniest part……it didn’t get out of the 30s all day, today, but will warm up into the 40s starting about 8:00 this evening and increase into the 50s by midnight and stay in the upper 40s through the night before dropping back into the 30s and then 20s by morning and through the day tomorrow! Yep……it’s been interesting!

January Daily Photo Summary!

Yeah, yeah……I know……I’ve been absent on here this month!!! January is a tough month — the let down from the holidays — winter really digs in her heals — it seems like the longest month in history!!! But, all that aside, it wasn’t a bad month……I got a lot done “behind the scenes”, so to speak, and took some awesome photos in response to the January Daily Photo Prompts!!! Here are my favorites for January (the prompt is noted below each photo):


Currently Reading



This or That


Starts With T






I Went Here

A Drink



A Sign

The Sky




So, goodbye January……hello February……looking forward to Spring in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!!

Last Daily Photos of 2018

So, here we are at the final hours of 2018…….soon, we’ll start a new year and a new annual photo challenge! For now, here are the some of my favorites from December since the last post……right up to today’s final 2018 photo! The daily topic is below each photo!




Something Green


Fave Animal

Self Portrait


This was my final photo of 2018 and the final sunrise of the year, as well!

And, now, for some of my favorite Advent Photo Challenge photos since the last posting:

Special Ornament

Act of Kindness

(Guess this needs a bit more explanation – a random stranger picked up my breakfast tab that day)


Holly Jolly

Ginger Bread House



Joy To The World

See you next year!!! 🙂