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October Daily Photos – Part Four

This installment of the October Daily Photos are all from my trip to DC this week…….more photos from DC will come later and I know I still need to post the photos from my Colorado and New Mexico trip……JEEZ…..I’m getting bad!!! HERE COME DA… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – Part Four”

Morning Visitor

This is why I don’t get much done around here in the mornings……I get up about 7:00 am…….take care of Megan – breakfast and let her out to take care of business and make sure the yard is the way she left it when… Continue Reading “Morning Visitor”

Photos of the Day – April 30th

Here we are on the night of the last day of April… just a few minutes, we will have a third of the year behind us! Hard to believe! I spent this last day of April with family celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday…..her special day… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – April 30th”


This morning’s front page article in the Sanford Herald about the Lee County Wildlife Rescue Center brought back some fond and sad memories for me.  Before we moved to Sanford in June of 1985, we adopted an unlikely addition to our family – Roxanne! … Continue Reading “Roxanne”