Morning Visitor

This is why I don’t get much done around here in the mornings……I get up about 7:00 am…….take care of Megan – breakfast and let her out to take care of business and make sure the yard is the way she left it when she went to bed the night before…….and then I get on here, where I sit and look out at the bird feeders right outside the window, and get all wrapped up in the entertainment of the day – either by the birds or the squirrels!!!

And, so it goes…….

6 Comments on “Morning Visitor

    • Nope – Mother Nature changed her mind, yet again! Overnight on the second day of heavy ice, the temps warmed up to 60 with strong winds, melting everything……then, SUPER windy and bitter cold all day, today (not sure how that squirrel hung on while being blown around – haha), then about 10:00 or so it started snowing, again……we woke up to about a half inch or so on the ground!

    • I know — he sure what comical! And, kept sliding down the poll and the strong wind would swing the feeder and he’d be clinging to it for his life and lose his grip and fall……it was the best entertainment!!!

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