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The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park

I came to my blog for information about a specific memorial monument I photographed in 2016 – I had the photos, but couldn’t remember the actual name of the memorial. I felt was a perfect representation of today’s holiday – Memorial Day – and… Continue Reading “The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park”

2016 MEA # 10: Seen Along The Way

Here it is……the last of the Most Excellent Adventure posts…..the one that focuses on all the cool stuff we saw along the way! Americana at its best! We saw so much at our stops, but sometimes, the things we saw in between were the… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 10: Seen Along The Way”

2016 MEA # 9: Side Trip

I discovered that Pensacola, FL was just about a four and a half hour drive from Houma, LA. I had been to central and eastern Florida, but never the panhandle or Gulf Coast side. I also have a friend who lives in Pensacola. So,… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 9: Side Trip”

2016 MEA # 8: Louisiana

Another major stop on our Most Excellent Adventure was Louisiana! My sister-in-law’s son and his family live in Houma, LA, so we spent about 10 days there, which gave us lots of time to spend with family and to explore! Three major items were… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 8: Louisiana”

2016 MEA # 7: The Rest of South Dakota

As you can probably tell by the previous posts, a huge part of our Most Excellent Adventure was South Dakota. We were in the state a little over a week and spent five days just in the Rapid City area. So, we saw a… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 7: The Rest of South Dakota”

2016 MEA # 6: Deadwood, SD

One of our day trips during our stay in the Rapid City area in South Dakota was the historic town of Deadwood. Originally named Deadwood Gulch, because of the dead trees found in the gulch, Deadwood was known as a “boom town” in 1876… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 6: Deadwood, SD”

2016 MEA # 5: Mini Adventures

Of course, our Most Excellent Adventure was one HUGE adventure in itself and the major adventures within the MEA were our week long stay in South Dakota (even more to share from there in future posts) and our ten day stay in Louisiana (just… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 5: Mini Adventures”

2016 MEA # 4: The Badlands South Dakota

The next location specific post from our Most Excellent Adventure focuses on the Badlands, located in Interior, South Dakota. Talk about stunning scenery and emotional views… can’t get through the Badlands without dropping your jaw and holding your breath for a good portion of… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 4: The Badlands South Dakota”

2016 MEA # 3: The Needles

We definitely saw some amazingly stunning sights throughout our Most Excellent Adventure – I’d be hard pressed to name a “most stunning” because they were each so very unique and awe-inspiring in their own way. But, I think the most memorable of them all… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 3: The Needles”

2016 MEA # 2: The Mighty Mississippi – Start to Finish

Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part of our Most Excellent Adventure is. Well, to be honest, I really can not pick an overall¬†favorite thing! Everything we did was so unique and wonderful – a true adventure all its own! At each stop,… Continue Reading “2016 MEA # 2: The Mighty Mississippi – Start to Finish”