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July Daily Photos – Chapter One

Happy Fourth of July……. …….and welcome to the second half of the year! Our state, region, and even our county specifically seem to be recovering from the pandemic…..our numbers state wide are the lowest in the country and our county is seeing more and… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – Chapter One”

Old Fashioned Sunday Drives

I come from a family of “Sunday Drivers”! You know……people who get in their cars on a Sunday afternoon to just drive around looking at the world around them with no particular destination or goal in mind. My grandmother was the Queen of Sunday… Continue Reading “Old Fashioned Sunday Drives”

February Daily Photos – Week One

February…….it’s been a fairly easy winter, so far, here in WNY! We had a nasty bout of heavy snow and ice early December, but aside from that, it’s been pretty dad gum good! Then, a bit of a winter storm came through the last… Continue Reading “February Daily Photos – Week One”

December Daily Photos – That’s All Folks!

Well, here we are — the last day of the month, year, and decade!!! WOW!!! That’s a lot of pressure for a little ‘ole day, huh? I’m tired and ready for the new year to bring wonderful adventures and new beginnings for me and… Continue Reading “December Daily Photos – That’s All Folks!”

2019 Advent Daily Photos – Last Few Pics

Christmas Day end the Holy season of Advent. Here are the last few photos from the Advent Daily Photo Challenge: CHRISTMAS JAMMIES COMMUNITY HOPE WRAPPING PAPER SILENT NIGHT FAMILY TRADITION (CHRISTMAS DINNER…..HEHEHE) The Fourth Sunday of Advent = LOVE: For to us a child… Continue Reading “2019 Advent Daily Photos – Last Few Pics”

2019 Advent Daily Photos – Part Two

And, now the next set of Advent Daily Photos: GIVING TREE FESTIVE TUNES PEPPERMINT SOMETHING GENEROSITY REJOICE ANGEL CHRISTMAS COOKIES WARMTH I wasn’t able to find suitable photos for the following daily topics: My Spiritual Hero, TBT Memorable Gift, Hustle and Bustle, Advent Art……… Continue Reading “2019 Advent Daily Photos – Part Two”

2019 Advent Daily Photos – Week One

I like to do the special Advent and Lent Photo Challenge lists……here is the topic list for this year’s Advent Challenge: And, here we go with the photos I took for week one: PURPLE WINTER COAT GIVING TUESDAY BELIEVE WINDOW DISPLAY PATIENCE (waiting for… Continue Reading “2019 Advent Daily Photos – Week One”

December Daily Photos – Week One

For December, I have two challenges going on at the same time…….this one – the regular Photo A Day Challenge……and one for Advent – which will be featured in a separate post. So, here we go….. OUT AND ABOUT LIGHTS SOMETHING FESTIVE I BOUGHT… Continue Reading “December Daily Photos – Week One”

It just felt like the right thing to do….

UPDATED…..if you’ve already read this, scroll to the end to read what I found out about the mysterious Ross Brown!!! 🙂 I go to Mount Albion Cemetery at least a couple times a week during the spring, summer, and autumn months. Sometimes more often.… Continue Reading “It just felt like the right thing to do….”

July Daily Posts – Part Four

July has come to an end…… Seriously……where is summer rushing off to and how can we stop it from being over in a blink of an eye? Before you know it, I’ll be posting photos with an autumn theme! UGH!!! Anyway…….here are the last… Continue Reading “July Daily Posts – Part Four”