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Daily Photo Challenge – May 18-26

The next group of Daily Photo Challenge Topics begins now….and includes topics for May 18th through the 26th: I LOVE THIS TIME OF DAY… I LIKE TO DRINK… I DON’T LIKE TO… …run errands in the rain! I WENT TO… ON MONDAY’S I… I… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – May 18-26”

2023 Texas Adventure – Austin

Texas Adventure Part Five…..The second half of my last day in Texas was spent in Austin – the Capital of Texas. It was about an 80 mile (1.5 hour) drive from San Antonio to Austin. So, when I got done with the Alamo, I… Continue Reading “2023 Texas Adventure – Austin”

2023 Texas Adventure – Houston and Conroe

So….I did a thing last week……I went on my first major adventure of 2023! I went to Texas! I’ve been to Texas before and was able to check it off the “Visit All 50 States” bucket list item. But, although it “technically” met the… Continue Reading “2023 Texas Adventure – Houston and Conroe”

Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 32 – 38

And on to the next group of Lenten Daily Photos. This group covers the 32nd – 38th days of Lent. Full disclosure – I missed getting a photo on two days in this group: days # 36 and 38! PONDERING SPIRITUAL BOOK CHARITY MEDITATIVE… Continue Reading “Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 32 – 38”

Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 8-24

So….here is the next set of daily photos of the Lenten season from the 8th – 24th days of Lent (I missed getting a photo of day # 23): CONNECTIONS A SACRED SPACE FAMILY DINNER SOLITUDE MY CHURCH CALL A FRIEND DEVOTIONAL PRETZEL LANDSCAPE… Continue Reading “Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 8-24”

2023 Lenten Daily Photo Challenge – Days 1-7

I decided to take on the Lenten Daily Photo Challenge again this year… is this year’s topic list: And here are the photos for the first seven days of Lent: ASH WEDNESDAY PURPLE FISH LENTEN SACRIFICE SCRIPTURE REJUVENATE NATURE

Daily Photo Challenge – February 1-8

Hello, February! The month of love…..Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Here is the first group of Daily Photos for February: I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS… MY FAVORITE ANIMAL CLOUDS INSIDE A STORE ON MY PLATE RECTANGLE SOMETHING WHITE FLOATING See you next time…..and,… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – February 1-8”

Daily Photo Challenge – December 21-31

In just a few hours from the time I’m writing this, 2022 will end and 2023 will begin! WOW! I saw a Meme on Facebook a while back that said something to the effect of: “It was a shock to realize that 20 years… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – December 21-31”

Daily Photo Challenge – December 8-20

WOW – December is flying by! I just realized I didn’t post the next group of Daily Photos for December, yet, so this will be a long one! hehehe I also need to post photos from a day trip I took this past week!… Continue Reading “Daily Photo Challenge – December 8-20”

Daily Photo Challenge – October 1

Photo A Day Topic for October 1: WHITE