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In The Air Above Albion

A week or so ago, my friend was up from NC with his private plane. I’ve gotten so I look forward to going up to get photos of our area when he flies up for a visit. So much fun…..and I get some great… Continue Reading “In The Air Above Albion”

Up, Up, and Away…..

It was a beautiful day to go flying…….and, as luck would have it, my friend just happened to be here with his plane! So, we went up for a ride, this morning after breakfast. I didn’t take my camera, this time, but did get… Continue Reading “Up, Up, and Away…..”

Aerial Views and More…..

My friend, Ron, flew up from NC this past week for a visit. He took me up in his plane on Wednesday morning and I got some awesome aerial photos around the area. It was a beautiful day for it – nice calm winds,… Continue Reading “Aerial Views and More…..”

04-20-20 Monday Drive – Falls of Orleans

Alas, Sunday brought massive rain, so it was not the most desirable of days to go for a nice long Sunday Drive! So, I put off my plan for this week’s drive to Monday……and, it turned out to be the PERFECT day for it!!!… Continue Reading “04-20-20 Monday Drive – Falls of Orleans”

Old Fashioned Sunday Drives

I come from a family of “Sunday Drivers”! You know……people who get in their cars on a Sunday afternoon to just drive around looking at the world around them with no particular destination or goal in mind. My grandmother was the Queen of Sunday… Continue Reading “Old Fashioned Sunday Drives”

Murder and Mayhem Torch-Lit Tour of Albion

Last night I…..and over a hundred of my closest and dearest friends……attended an after dark walking tour of our little village and listened to some stories about Murder and Mayhem involving our early settlers and prominent citizens of long ago! It was led by… Continue Reading “Murder and Mayhem Torch-Lit Tour of Albion”

Local Farm Market Hop

Today was such a fun day……and the absolute perfect weather day for it!!! A friend and I got in the car and took off this morning to participate in a Farm Market Hop event at six local farm markets! The way it worked was… Continue Reading “Local Farm Market Hop”

Ice Cream and Good Ole Country Music

Stopped in for some ice cream at Circle R Fruit Farms on Rt 18 Saturday evening and discovered they had live music……a local country duo called Ron and Nancy One Song and they were WONDERFUL! I got there not long after they started and… Continue Reading “Ice Cream and Good Ole Country Music”

Geese Galore!!!

My Daily Photo Topic today was “My Fave View”, so of course, I headed to one of my favorite places in the world…..practically in my own back yard…..Point Breeze where the Oak Orchard River meets the great Lake Ontario! I was not disappointed –… Continue Reading “Geese Galore!!!”

February Favorite Fotos – Part One

We’re at the half way point for February…….good time to share my fave photos, so far, from February’s Daily Photo Challenge! The daily topic is noted under each photo! Something Blue Carrot Water Opposites Card Fave Smell Pet Friends Love Until we meet again……tootle… Continue Reading “February Favorite Fotos – Part One”