04-20-20 Monday Drive – Falls of Orleans

Alas, Sunday brought massive rain, so it was not the most desirable of days to go for a nice long Sunday Drive! So, I put off my plan for this week’s drive to Monday……and, it turned out to be the PERFECT day for it!!! Sunshine…..blue skies…..white clouds……pleasant temperature……calm breeze!!! Perfect!!!

My plan for this week was to make stops at all the waterfalls within Orleans County that I knew of…..with one exception in the original plan! But…..I added it in to the final plan after I saw a friend post photos of it and discovered it wasn’t as difficult to get to as I had been lead to believe (more on that later). While I was out on my drive, I had a chance to do drive by / roadside visits with a friend, a cousin, my brother, and a couple neighbors! It was such a lovely day, everyone was out where we could visit for a few minutes outside at a safe distance……it was so nice to see them all!

So……here is the resulting photographic proof of my waterfall adventure through Holley, Clarendon, Shelby, Medina, and Lyndonville…..all in Orleans County! And some other photos of things I thought worthy of capturing at each stop.


My favorite Orleans County waterfall! I love to go here to take photos and just sit on a warm sunny day and listen to the water flowing – so peaceful and relaxing!

I used this as today’s daily photo, so you’ll see it, again……

When I got out of the car, I looked up on the top of a ridge – way up high – and saw this lone bench!

Immediately, the Beatles were in my head singing “Fool on the Hill”!!! 🙂

I know – there is no man there, but that’s what came to mind, so that’s that!!!


Near Holley is Clarendon and they have a nice waterfall, too……however, in dryer weather, it tends to be dried up and not have any water flowing over it. This time of year, it is usually pretty sure to have a nice water flow and with yesterday’s heavy rain, it guaranteed it for me!


On a winding side street near Forrestel Farms in Shelby just south of Medina, there is a creek that flows rapidly under a bridge in the road and cascades over some small drops. This one, too, depends on rainy weather to be super free flowing – there is always water in the creek, but it doesn’t flow as rapidly and doesn’t cascade as nicely in dryer weather.


This is the one that was added on a tip from a friend. I have known there was a powerful waterfall in Medina somewhere near downtown for several years, but never went looking for it, before. I was under the impression it was hard to get to safely……now, I’ve been known to do some pretty stupid things to get a photo or see something I want to see, but the description I had of what it took to get to this waterfall was more than I was willing to risk! But, my friends posted photos and said they saw it on a leisurely walk along the canal in Medina…….so, I asked about it……they said it was very easy to find and see up close! Hhhmmm……I searched for what gave me the impression it could be dangerous and realized it was talking about getting down to the waterfall……not just getting to view it! OK…..so, I have now been to the Medina Falls and will definitely go, again!!!

I understand this is the most powerful waterfall in Orleans County……it is fed by Oak Orchard Creek and runs along side of the Erie Canal in Medina – the paved tow path walkway to view the falls has the Oak Orchard Creek and falls on one side and the canal on the other. Once the canal is filled for the season, this will make for a nice walk along two major bodies of water for our county! I took the most photos here of all my stops, today, because it is the first time I’ve been here!

The wall of the tow path that separates the creek and the canal

Horan Road bridge – just this side of the bridge is the closest place to park to get to the falls

View of Medina’s canal basin and downtown area from the falls


Actually, there is no waterfall, here, but my friends who enlightened me about Medina Falls also suggested I turn into Boxwood Cemetery in Medina and drive to the back of it to see Glenwood Lake. This is also a spot I have known about for several years, but never took the time to go see it…..not for any particular reason, just never have! So, I decided to add it to today’s stops and I’m really glad I did! It is a really pretty little lake and a fantastic day to enjoy it for the first time!

I thought this was a duck out on the lake……

When I zoomed in, I found out it was NOT a duck……

I took the photo, anyway…….

A shot I could not resist…….


This is actually a dam on Johnson Creek that results in a very pretty ~9 foot waterfall right on Main St in Lyndonville – so not technically a waterfall, but close enough, right???!!! When we were kids, Mom had dear friends who owned a restaurant on Main St in Lyndonville just down a block from this waterfall. We used to walk over to the park and look at the falls with their kids while Mom visited with her friends after dinner. It was a nice treat! Fond memories flood back whenever I pass through this area!


And, yes — I stopped at Double Dips while in Medina and treated myself to a small choc/vanilla swirl cup!!! And it was awesome!!!

That’s all for today……full day with lots of cool things to see and do while practicing my social distancing and getting out of the house for a bit! Hoping for more spring weather to come soon and more wonderful local adventures to enjoy and share!

Until then……stay safe and healthy!!! We’re not out of the woods, yet – keep vigilant!!!

And, thank you to Leslie and Joel for helping me find Medina Falls and Glenwood Lake!

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