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Drama At The Airport

The first week in January I had the pleasure of going to Hawaii! But, the trip didn’t get off to the magical start I had hoped……in fact, the first few hours could be described as “nightmarish” or at least “very stressful”! I had an… Continue Reading “Drama At The Airport”

Let’s Get Physical!

I may be late to the party, but I finally gave in and bought a Fitbit! Yeah, I know…..just another gadget to give me a false sense of accomplishment. Believe me…..the topic of getting one has come up many times and I know a… Continue Reading “Let’s Get Physical!”


I guess it is normal and expected, but knowing that doesn’t seem to help. I feel so very lost and empty…..and, yet, conflicted! Losing a parent is difficult, yes….but, when it is a mother – in particular, the breaking of a strong mother/daughter bond –… Continue Reading “Feeling……..Lost”


Today is August 1st! Really! More than half of 2014 – and, more importantly, more than 1/2 the summer –  is gone……in the blink of an eye! Remember that bucket list I wrote about in April (click here to refresh your memory), well, I not… Continue Reading “August…..Seriously???”

Adjusting to DST

Daylight Savings Time……something we look forward to as a sign of Spring and longer days! But, boy, that “Spring Ahead” thing makes for a rough few nights of sleep while getting used to it! Case in point – last night – let’s just say,… Continue Reading “Adjusting to DST”

McDonald’s vs. Burger King

McDonald’s versus Burger King……it is the age old question! Add in a ton of other fast food burger joints and you have quite a dilemma when it comes to choosing something quick to eat! But, I don’t want to complicate this post with the… Continue Reading “McDonald’s vs. Burger King”

The British Are Coming…..

What is it about the British? We declared our independence from them many, many years ago and, yet, we still find a fascination with them. The Royals. The Aristocrats. The titles and classes. The accents. The traditions. They capture our imaginations and our attention.… Continue Reading “The British Are Coming…..”

Time for a Brain Dump!

It has been a while since I just rambled on about a variety of topics that are totally unrelated, except that they are all stuck in my head together. So, yes, it is time to spill my guts, purge my thoughts, make room for… Continue Reading “Time for a Brain Dump!”

Spring Fever

I definitely have Spring Fever!  It is an illness I get about this time every year.  It isn’t necessarily tied to the calendar, but sort of is.  Mostly, it is tied to the point in time when the weather starts to break after the… Continue Reading “Spring Fever”

Weekend Words

What a great weekend this was……perfect weather (until it got a little cooler today, but still nice), and lots of thoughts clanging around in my brain!  So, it is time for  a brain dump and to just ramble on about the things I did… Continue Reading “Weekend Words”