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Updates and a Movie Review

So – what have I been up to since I returned from paradise and rejoined the real world?  It was a long week with lots going on!  Just about every day had something major…. Sunday: As I was driving home from the airport, I heard… Continue Reading “Updates and a Movie Review”


I turned the calendar page this morning to reveal the month of March!  Yes, it is March already – wasn’t Christmas just yesterday or the day before?  As I turned the calendar, I discovered that March has a lot to offer – beginning with… Continue Reading “March…”

The Oscars – Play by Play

Movies – you can’t read this blog without knowing that I LOVE movies!  I enjoy being entertained – I love to laugh – I appreciate a good cry – I am energized by being kept on the edge of my seat!  The ultimate awards… Continue Reading “The Oscars – Play by Play”

Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday

I have to admit, there are two “holidays” that I just don’t make a lot of sense out of.  They are Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday!  Yeah, I know – Superbowl Sunday is not an official “holiday”, but the way the majority of the… Continue Reading “Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday”

Weekend Words

I think we need to lobby Congress to get them to write a bill and get it passed to enact the standard of three day weekends – let’s start a campaign to make EVERY Monday part of the weekend!  But, since the likelihood of… Continue Reading “Weekend Words”

The weekend is over…

What seemed like a nice long holiday weekend flew by with barely a blink!  The goal for this weekend was to get the holiday decorations up – at least the outside and hopefully the inside, too!  I fell short…..  Here’s what happened: Friday was… Continue Reading “The weekend is over…”

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday!  I often wondered why they call it that…afterall, doesn’t black usually denote something bad?  Isn’t a day that tends to be the busiest shopping day of the year a GOOD thing?  It means people are out in force spending money and… Continue Reading “Black Friday”

What’s on my mind…

I’m up in the middle of the night, again!  I went to bed early (10:15 or so) and fell right asleep.  When I woke up, it was still dark out, but I thought it must be almost time for the alarm to go off… Continue Reading “What’s on my mind…”

What to do when you can’t sleep…

I get these bouts of insomnia every now and then!  I can’t seem to sleep at night and it knocks my sleep patterns all out of whack!  All this week, I have had a difficult time sleeping at night – then, I am exhausted… Continue Reading “What to do when you can’t sleep…”

TiVo or DVR from Cable Co???

I put off going to digital cable for a very long time (just broke down and switched last year) — I wanted to stick with regular cable as long as they would support it because of the easy ability to tape things!  Before I got… Continue Reading “TiVo or DVR from Cable Co???”