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Updates, random thoughts, and general FYIs……

It has been a while since I did a general hump day brain dump……I feel compelled to rectify that tonight! The girls have really loved the beautiful mornings – warm enough to be pleasant, but not hot, sunny, breezy, just nice!!! But, as the… Continue Reading “Updates, random thoughts, and general FYIs……”

Sunday Small Talk

Just some thoughts for a Sunday evening — end of another weekend and start of a new week! Amy usually sleeps up tight to my back most of the night, but the last few nights, she’s preferred to sleep cuddled up to my chest… Continue Reading “Sunday Small Talk”

Saturday – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

I typically really enjoy Saturdays, but I’d like to have completely skipped over the majority of today and just forgot about it!!! Here are my ramblings to tell you how it was a mish mash of good and bad – don’t think there was… Continue Reading “Saturday – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!”

What Day Is It?????

I slept a little late this morning – trying to catch up from a week of coming back from vacation and having to catch up at work and home…….I needed a couple extra hours sleep this morning! When I got up, I took care… Continue Reading “What Day Is It?????”

Weekend Adventure – The Rest of the Story

So — it wasn’t all that bad — after I settled in from Day One and had a good night’s sleep, the weekend turned out really great!!! Friday — On Friday, Mom and I spent the day talking and enjoying each other’s company. We… Continue Reading “Weekend Adventure – The Rest of the Story”

Weekend Adventure – Day One

I am back home from a trip to see my Mom over Memorial Day Weekend. I flew up on Thursday and returned home this morning. It was a short visit, but an extremely enjoyable one! Here’s how my weekend adventure started out: Thursday —… Continue Reading “Weekend Adventure – Day One”

Saturday Ponderings

Youth Leadership applications are being accepted by Communities In Schools and the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce. This is a GREAT program to help rising Juniors and rising Seniors learn about our community, government, industry, businesses, non-profit organizations, and leadership skills through participation in… Continue Reading “Saturday Ponderings”

Saturday Morning Ramblings

I haven’t done a “just rambling” post in a while — plenty of specific topics took priority lately! So, here you go with everything that is on my mind this lovely Saturday morning: Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! So, I thought I would talk a… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning Ramblings”

Me vs. The Rain

It was another gorgeous day today – it started out looking like it might rain all day and I knew there was a chance of it, but it soon shaped up to be a bright, sunny, warm day! So, I decided to take advantage… Continue Reading “Me vs. The Rain”

Saturday Ramblings

What a gorgeous day it was today!!! I drove around with the top down and the wind blowing through my hair — it was warm, super sunny, and a strong breeze — perfect convertible weather!!! And I took full advantage of it!!! I had… Continue Reading “Saturday Ramblings”