Saturday – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

I typically really enjoy Saturdays, but I’d like to have completely skipped over the majority of today and just forgot about it!!! Here are my ramblings to tell you how it was a mish mash of good and bad – don’t think there was any actual “ugly”, but it made the title of the post sound cool…..

  • First – an update on my earlier post about my experience with the Sanford Herald this morning: The print copy was good – no Business Section! Apparently, it was just an error that it was included in the Saturday on-line version! All is well with the universe! ha-ha
  • I was so tired this morning – I decided to lay down for a little while before my 2:00 nail appt. While I was dozing, I had a strange dream – I dreamed that I was riding in my car with my ex-husband driving. We were driving down a road near our home town that has a one lane bridge across a river – the road slopes down to the bridge after a curve and then slopes back up to another curve. In the dream, Ronald was taking the curve a little fast and I yelled to slow down cause he might miss the bridge! Just as he started to slow down, we got to the bridge and there was no railing on the right side and we missed the turn and ran off the bridge into the river! We stayed calm, but I couldn’t reach the release for my seat belt – I looked at him and told him I couldn’t undo my seat belt. He undid his own and then helped me with mine. I then opened the window to relieve some pressure so I could open the door and we both got out of the car and swam to the surface! I was so upset about my beautiful car being under water!!!! But, some guys were there with a winch and they pulled it out and all was fine!!! Weird!!! I had set the alarm in case I fell asleep so that I wouldn’t miss my appt – when it went off, I felt really odd and out of breathe!!!
  • I got ready and headed to Marcello’s so Pam could do my nails — that was nice — we had a nice chat and my nails look great!!!
  • When I got done there, I went down town to check out that new shop – Beauty Basket – it is located between Local Joe’s and Southern Jewelers on Steele Street. WOW – great store!!!! If you liked Priss Pots for their sunglasses, jewelry, and cool accessories, you’ll like this store!!! I picked up a couple things and chatted with the owner. She has only been open for two weeks, but has already captured the hearts of some of the old Priss Pots regulars! Check it out — you’re sure to find something you like in there!
  • Then, I popped in to Shops of Steele Street and picked up a new night shirt and some of fudge and other goodies from Amy’s Confection Company for a friend I needed to get a little something for.
  • So far, so good (except the newspaper confusion and the strange dream) — I was getting sleepy again, so I decided to go to The Dairy Bar and get some supper before I went home to settle in for the evening. That’s when things started to go down hill – fast! I got out of the car and when I took the first step that put weight on my left leg, I felt my knee pop and buckle!!!! It really hurt!!!! I have trouble off and on with that knee, so I didn’t think a lot of it – this felt really different than the usual trouble, but I went ahead in and had some dinner. By the time I got home, I could barely walk on my left leg – it hurt so bad!!! I just curled up on the couch to give it a rest.
  • It wasn’t long before I realized this was NOT the usual acting up of that knee – it was really painful and I couldn’t find any position that would let it be comfortable. So, I went over to the Pine Ridge Urgent Care – I have been there a couple times now (when I had that cracked rib a month or so ago) and really like the doctors and staff – it is a really nice place and everyone is friendly and very caring!!! And, it is so close to home — definitely the place I think of if I need a doctor during off hours or when I can’t get worked in at my regular doctor. The doc asked me some questions and took some x-rays! He thinks I popped the cartilage and gave me a brace that keeps the knee from bending and moving and told me to take some anti-inflammatory meds and something for the pain, if I need it to get to sleep. BUT — he also said there is some pretty bad degenerative activity going on in that knee – which explains the usual problems I have with it!!! He said there are several big bone spurs! I asked if that meant arthritis and he said definitely!! He said what he saw on the x-ray is classic signs of arthritis!!! Uugghh!!! I had a strong suspicion that I was starting to get some arthritis in that knee and some other joints, but wasn’t absolutely sure – until now!!! Guess I’m gonna need to start taking care of that — all the women in my family have had arthritis and I have watched them all go through such bad pain and inability to do things they loved to do because of it! I don’t want it to come to that and will fight it as long as I can!!! As for this particular problem, I’ll need to wear the brace and take the anti-inflammatory meds at least until Weds – then, if it isn’t getting better, I’ll need to go to my regular doctor to see what else may need to be done!

So – that’s my Saturday!!! Parts were really quite enjoyable and parts really sucked!!! And – hey — I guess there was some “ugly” after all — you should see this big, yucky brace on my leg!!!!

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