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July Daily Photos – First Group

Hello, July……and, Hello new Daily Photo Challenge Topic List!!! Here is the first group of photos for the month of July: REFLECTION LETTERS HUMAN I’M WORKING ON THIS WALL A piece of the Berlin Wall on display on the waterfront in Portland, Maine in… Continue Reading “July Daily Photos – First Group”

Photos of the Day – August 25th and 26th

Here are my Photos of the Day for August 25-26, 2017: AUGUST 25 # 237 Photo Prompt – Starts with Y: “Yummy, Juicy Burger for Dinner” #startswithY   #HelloFreshMeal OOTD: LLR Leggings, Perfect Tee, and Sarah Sweater AUGUST 26 # 238 Photo Prompt –… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – August 25th and 26th”

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago, today, I hopped in a crammed full rented minivan with my three dogs and headed out following a UHaul truck full of all my possessions with my Mustang in tow. Just three short days before was my last day at my job… Continue Reading “Three Years Ago Today”

The Final Chapter

I closed a book this week…..the final chapter was complete and the story has ended.  As with all books you truly love reading, the ending came with mixed emotions – on one hand the story will always remain with you in memories, but on… Continue Reading “The Final Chapter”

The Wind

Wind.  A word that can summon up a lot of emotion.  It can feel good, make wind chimes ring out a beautiful melody, give clothes hanging outside a fluffy feel and fresh smell, air out a house, ruin a perfectly good hair-do, and power a sail… Continue Reading “The Wind”

Miracles and Angels……they do exist!

Miracles and Angels…….two things people talk about in the abstract…….many believe in one or the other or both, some don’t believe in either, but you rarely hear of someone who has proof of either…….they are typically more of a “feeling” or a figure of speech to… Continue Reading “Miracles and Angels……they do exist!”

Review – Temple Theatre Presents Guys and Dolls

The new Temple Theatre season has begun and the first show of the season – Guys and Dolls – provides that season opener “WOW” factor that the theatre has become known for!  Of course, you can never go wrong with a show at the Temple Theatre,… Continue Reading “Review – Temple Theatre Presents Guys and Dolls”

What I’m looking forward to…..and what I’ll miss…..

As I reflect on my plans for the future and get closer to finalizing my decisions on when, how, and other specific details that are still being mulled over and analyzed (to death, as usual), I find myself thinking a LOT about what I… Continue Reading “What I’m looking forward to…..and what I’ll miss…..”

A Big Day For Sanford

Yes, today was a big day for Sanford…..a major milestone in the evolution of our town……a long awaited arrival finally came to fruition!  At 6:30 this morning, the newest Chick-fil-A location opened and at 9:00 the ribbon was cut with more anticipation, hoopla, and ceremony than a visit from… Continue Reading “A Big Day For Sanford”

Recovery…Renewal…And Life Goes On

It has been two months and four days since the devastating tornado ripped through our town and a week and a day since I took my tumble at the movie theater in Cary.  Both seem like forever ago.  The two events, of course, can not… Continue Reading “Recovery…Renewal…And Life Goes On”