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October Daily Photos – Part Four

This installment of the October Daily Photos are all from my trip to DC this week…….more photos from DC will come later and I know I still need to post the photos from my Colorado and New Mexico trip……JEEZ…..I’m getting bad!!! HERE COME DA… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – Part Four”

Washington DC Adventure – May 2017

OK, so I’m like WAY behind on my Adventure posts….and posts I need to do on other blogs I write for….it is so ridiculous! But…..I am going to work on catching up over the next few days to a week and then get much… Continue Reading “Washington DC Adventure – May 2017”

What’s in a birthday and other revelations…

I turned 54 yesterday……REALLY???  When, exactly, did that happen and what, exactly, does that mean, anyway?  I certainly hope it doesn’t mean I am supposed to go shop for one of those little old lady rocking chairs and start doing little old lady things… Continue Reading “What’s in a birthday and other revelations…”

01-20-09 – A Day To Remember

Today was a memorable day for several reasons.  All days have something that make them unique – regardless of how much you may think it is all the “same ole, same ole” routine, give it some thought and you’ll find something unique.  Today, however,… Continue Reading “01-20-09 – A Day To Remember”

It is over…

Dare I say it?  It’s not like everyone doesn’t already know, afterall.  It’s no secret.  I really can’t say “you heard it here, first”.  But, if I actually say it, maybe it will jinx something and I’ll have to retract my declaration.  Should I… Continue Reading “It is over…”

Election Day Activities

I got up early this morning to go in to vote before work — I had a 7:45 meeting to go to, so I had to get done early and I didn’t want to wait until after work cause I signed up for a… Continue Reading “Election Day Activities”


I didn’t have a lot to say this weekend because I did absolutely nothing this weekend — well, except, of course, going to the Temple Theater to see Footloose on Saturday evening.  I had planned to go to the Brush and Palette Show –… Continue Reading “Reflections”

Mass Last Minute Influence Attempts…

I have come home to messages on my answering machine every day this week – most days anywhere from 2-6 messages per day – with recorded messages from candidates hoping that their “personal” call will be a successful plea for my vote!  I even… Continue Reading “Mass Last Minute Influence Attempts…”

Best News of the Day!!!

Something in my morning routine gave me something to smile about all day today — not that I don’t always find something to smile about fairly quickly each morning, but today I found it in the Sanford Herald! I got up, took care of… Continue Reading “Best News of the Day!!!”

Pat Paulsen For President

Does anyone remember the Pat Paulsen For President campaign in 1968? Who was Pat Paulsen, you ask? Well – Pat was a comedian on the Smother’s Brothers Comedy Hour – a TV show that aired in the late ’60s – click here for his… Continue Reading “Pat Paulsen For President”