Election Day Activities

I got up early this morning to go in to vote before work — I had a 7:45 meeting to go to, so I had to get done early and I didn’t want to wait until after work cause I signed up for a 2 hour shift at the CIS Kid’s Voting Booth and didn’t want to get tied up in a long line and miss relieving the person before me!

So — I was at BT Bullock school to cast my vote right when the polls opened at 6:30 — I was voter # 12 by the time I signed in, filled in all my preferred circles, and scanned my ballot!  I was in and out and sitting in my office at work by just about 7:00!  Woo Hoo!

Between going in early and the company benefit of getting an hour off to vote, if needed, I was able to leave work early enough to go by the house and take care of the girls and throw a pork roast into the crock pot for supper (more on that later) and then I got to Bullock to do my shift for Communities In Schools’ Kids Voting Event by about 4:00 (I was supposed to get there at 4:30, so I was nice and early)…..  It was so much fun watching the kids voting!  The really young ones were so precious!  Some of their comments were “oh, look, this one has the same name as Daddy – I’ll vote for him”, “I’m gonna vote for the one with the American Flag, he must be a good American” (btw – the kids voting ballots had photos for the national and most of the state races – one of the gentlemen had his picture taken with a flag in the background – I forget who), “Mommy told me to vote for all the Republicans, which ones are Republicans?” and so on…..I had a blast!!!

Then I came home to the most amazing smelling house!!!  That pork roast was about an hour shy of being done and it was driving me crazy!!!  I rubbed the roast with pepper and garlic powder, put small new potatoes, baby carrots, and onions in the bottom of the crock pot and then put the roast on top of the veggie – then, I made a mixture of onion soup mix, worstershire sauce, and water and poured it over everything — then put the crock pot on high to be sure it would be done before bed time!  I just fixed myself a plate and it is INCREDIBLE!!!!  Soooooooooooooooo tender and FULL of flavor!!!  YUM YUM YUM!!!

I got on Facebook and was thrilled to find my favorite veterinarian and dear friend Dr. Cindy McNamarra is a new Facebook addict and sent me a friend request!  WOO HOO!!! 

Now I’m enjoying my wonderful dinner, checking blogs, and watching election results by flipping back and forth between WRAL and Sanford coverage by Woody and Wayne!!!! 

It will all be over soon — one way or another!!!

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