I didn’t have a lot to say this weekend because I did absolutely nothing this weekend — well, except, of course, going to the Temple Theater to see Footloose on Saturday evening.  I had planned to go to the Brush and Palette Show – I didn’t – first time I’ve missed that show in years!  I also planned to check out the open house at Floral Designs By Eddie – I didn’t – now I’ll have to wait until next year to find out what that was all about!  I planned to start on my Christmas shopping – I didn’t – I did, however, go to Wal-Mart just to wander around Sunday morning after I met some friends for breakfast and bought myself some jeans, a couple tops, and a crock pot!  So – the weekend was one of those “lounge around and watch LifeTime movies” weekends!

Some things I learned this past week:

  • The West Wing is now being run on Bravo – I watched just about an entire season on Saturday as it ran in a marathon of West Wings!  I loved that show and was so very disappointed when it was canceled!
  • Caller screening is a very useful tool — I do not screen my calls!  When the phone rings, I pick it up!  Sometimes I’m sorry I picked it up, but I do pick it up!  But — I have gotten so sick and tired of having my answering machine FULL of recorded messages from candidates trying to sway my vote and the quantity/frequency has increased substantially!  After the first one that called me at 10:30 at night, I started screening my calls!!!  I won’t pick up ANY call from ANY phone # that I don’t recognize until after the election is over!  The phone rang FOUR times AFTER 9:00 last night – SUNDAY NIGHT – all were either 800 #s or local unrecognizable #s and all left (or attempted to leave – I hit delete as soon as they started) recorded political messages!!!  Do they really think they are going to win people over by disturbing our quiet, family time?   
  • My bulk pick up day is WEDS, not THURS!  I had a love seat in the garage that the girls had “eaten” and it also had a broken arm.  I was keeping it in the garage until I could decide what to do with it — well, being in the garage was keeping me from being able to PARK in the garage and I was getting sick (already) of having to defrost my windows in the mornings!  So, I decided to just put it out for pick up and called to find out what the rules were and when to set it out there.  The girl asked me when my normal pick up day was and I said “Thursday”!  Since I was calling on Weds, she said to put it out there that evening and it would be picked up the next day!  Simple!  I didn’t want to wait until I could get some help putting it out to the street, so I attempted to just “shove” it down the driveway to the street!  Well — that was more of a challenge than I thought it would be — the legs were no longer on it, so the bottom scraped along the cement driveway to the point where I could only shove it a couple inches at a time!  Some kids riding their bikes on my cul du sac saw me struggling and asked if I needed some help — the three of us struggled and got it to the street!  Thursday came and went and it wasn’t picked up — Friday came and went and it wasn’t picked up!  So – I called them back Friday evening and in the conversation discovered that when the other girl asked what my normal pick up day was, she was referring to the “bulk” pick up day — I didn’t know it was a different day from the “trash” pick up day — so, the love seat has been sitting out there all week and will sit out there until WEDS!!!!  Apologies to my neighbors, but I was NOT about to attempt to shove it back UP the driveway to put it away and then struggle to get it back down the driveway on Tues evening!

I know there were more revelations this past week, but I can’t think of them off hand…

One Comment on “Reflections

  1. Being a registered Independent I am glad I only have a cell phone. I can only imagine the calls I would be getting chasing my Independent vote.

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