Footloose at the Temple

It is no secret that I LOVE Sanford’s Temple Theater!  The only shows I miss are ones that fall when I am tied up to the point where I absolutely can’t get to go!!  That said – I almost missed the Temple’s production of Footloose running from October 17th thru November 9th.  After taking advantage of a last minute whim and going to see it tonight, I see that missing it would have been a terrible shame!!!  The reason I almost missed it had nothing to do with not being able to go — I actually have been thinking about going and just kept deciding to wait!  My reason for procrastination was the movie – you know, the one starring Kevin Bacon that everyone loves……except me!  Yep, that’s right, I am likely the only person in the world that did not like the movie Footloose – not even a little bit!!!  So, I found myself trying to convince myself of what I knew would be true — that this would be different and that it would be amazing — but I wasn’t listening!  ha-ha

So, tonight I went to the Dairy Bar for dinner and drove by the Temple on my way home and just decided in that instant to park the car and go in to see the show!  And I did!  And I am soooooooooooo glad!  It was WONDERFUL!!!  I like all the Temple shows, but I mostly like the ones that have a lot of community players and especially the ones with local kids — this was one of those shows!  We have some incredibly talented kids in our community! 

You know the story, so I won’t go into that!  What I want to highlight are the kids — not to slight the adults that were in the show – they were all amazing, too, but I was so very impressed with all the kids!  The singing and dancing talents were inspirational!!  Really — they did such a great job! 

Alex Copas played Ren – the Kevin Bacon role.  Alex is a sophomore at Southern Lee HS and was perfect as Ren!  Jentry Womack played Ariel, the Preacher’s daughter.  Jentry is a Moore County freshman and was absolutely adorable as Ariel.  Both Alex and Jentry are naturals — they look totally at ease on stage and sing and dance like pros!  They did a great job and have a bright future in the arts!

All the kids were incredible — whether they had a named role or were part of the ensemble cast, their hard work in preparing for their participation was impressively evident!  I am not sure of the name of who portrayed the little nerdy kid – the one who was clumsy and got pushed around a lot – but it was an adorable role and stood out for me!

As amazing as they all were, though, I think the ones who really “stole the show” were Patrick Holt as Willard and Ravenne Escobar as Rusty!  These two were bundles of extremely talented comic relief!!!  Whenever they were in a large group of multiple people on stage, I found myself fixed on them – they were perfect for their roles and made me want to see more of them!  And I bet we see LOTS from them!

The show was fun, energetic, and entertaining!  I had a great time and am sooooooooooo glad I decided to go and didn’t procrastinate myself right into missing it!  If you haven’t seen it, yet, you need to go — you don’t have much time left!  The final shows are tomorrow (Sunday the 2nd) at 2:00, Thursday the 6th at 7:00, Friday the 7th at 8:00, Saturday the 8th at 2:00 and 8:00, and the last chance will be Sunday the 9th at 2:00!!!

3 Comments on “Footloose at the Temple

  1. Kim, that was a brilliant review!! I wish the Sanford Herald would send someone to review the show and give Temple that kind of support!!

    You are a gem! Thank you for supporting Temple Theatre and sharing how you feel about us to everyone out there!!

    See you at the next show!!


  2. I personally think that would be a great job for Kim! Lindsay has the food column in the paper and you could have the Temple reviews. Your reviews are always amazing (both movie and live shows) and I thoroughly enjoy readin them — I know others would to!

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