Mass Last Minute Influence Attempts…

I have come home to messages on my answering machine every day this week – most days anywhere from 2-6 messages per day – with recorded messages from candidates hoping that their “personal” call will be a successful plea for my vote!  I even got one at 10:30 PM one night this week — that candidate, who will remain nameless, DEFINITELY won’t get my vote cause he/she irritated me with a call that late at night!  (OK – truth be told, I already wasn’t planning on voting for them, but this was the unnecessary nail in my vote’s coffin)

So – in the spirit of attempting to sway a few of you who may still be undecided in these final few hours before election day on Tuesday — here is a video with a very eloquent song from my candidate for President — Paris Hilton!  Spread the word — let’s paint the white house PINK

Whoever you plan to vote for — JUST GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!

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