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Photos of the Day – April 12th

Here are the Photos of the Day for April 12, 2017: # 102 Photo Prompt – Fauna “Preparing to Raid the Bird Feeder” #fauna    #little booger # 102 Caught By My Lens: “There he goes” “Nom Nom Nom” “More, Please???” Lenten Photo Challenge… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – April 12th”


I guess it is normal and expected, but knowing that doesn’t seem to help. I feel so very lost and empty…..and, yet, conflicted! Losing a parent is difficult, yes….but, when it is a mother – in particular, the breaking of a strong mother/daughter bond –… Continue Reading “Feeling……..Lost”

Tea and Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

I’m sitting here at my computer on this lovely Tuesday morning with a cup of tea just reading the news and updates of the day, visiting the web sites I visit each morning, and watching out my big den window as the neighborhood wakes up… Continue Reading “Tea and Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning”

Thoughts on a Thursday

Time for a good old Brain Dump…….so, here are some thoughts that are rattling around in my head on this lovely Thursday afternoon! First of all, it IS a lovely Thursday! For weeks and weeks, it has been either hot and muggy or raining!… Continue Reading “Thoughts on a Thursday”

Thoughts on Winter

Over the Christmas week and again this current week, I find myself thinking about a popular joke that has made its way around the internet via emails, Facebook, etc. for many years. You know the one. It is written in diary format by a guy/girl… Continue Reading “Thoughts on Winter”

Breaker, Breaker 1-9

Breaker, breaker 1-9. This here’s the Shortstuff leaving the salt mine. I’m just watchin’ the pavement, starvin’ the bears, and keepin’ the ole double nickel honest. Got any sandbaggers out there, come on? How ’bout it, Lady Luck, what’s your 20? Candy Man, you got your ears on? We’re clean and… Continue Reading “Breaker, Breaker 1-9”

Time for a Brain Dump!

It has been a while since I just rambled on about a variety of topics that are totally unrelated, except that they are all stuck in my head together. So, yes, it is time to spill my guts, purge my thoughts, make room for… Continue Reading “Time for a Brain Dump!”

Just Thinkin’

Lots going on……..lots of thoughts clunking around in my head…….lots of projects and lists and stuff to consider and plan and do!  It is April, already! Just two days ago marked FIVE MONTHS since I moved back home to Albion.  WOW – can you believe it? … Continue Reading “Just Thinkin’”

Spring Fever

I definitely have Spring Fever!  It is an illness I get about this time every year.  It isn’t necessarily tied to the calendar, but sort of is.  Mostly, it is tied to the point in time when the weather starts to break after the… Continue Reading “Spring Fever”

Thoughts for Thursday

I can not believe that it has been three months since I moved back home to Albion!  I know it has been three months and one week because the calendar says so and calendars don’t lie.  But, it sure doesn’t feel like it!  In… Continue Reading “Thoughts for Thursday”