Thoughts on a Thursday

Time for a good old Brain Dump…….so, here are some thoughts that are rattling around in my head on this lovely Thursday afternoon!

First of all, it IS a lovely Thursday! For weeks and weeks, it has been either hot and muggy or raining! What a yucky way to start off the summer season! But, today, the sky is a gorgeous blue, the clouds are white and fluffy, the breeze is gentle and cool (but not too cool), and the sun is out in all its glory! It is a pleasure to have all the windows open in the house and feel the breeze flowing through and have it feel comfortable – an occasional gust that is ever so slightly chilly, but mostly pleasant and comfortable……..LOVE IT!!! Then, outside, the sun is warm on my skin – but not too warm! Just PERFECT!!! I am placing my order for this day to repeat every day for the rest of the summer……….

On a day this gorgeous, I find myself day dreaming at my desk — I pause and just gaze out the window at the amazing sky and listen to the wind chimes as the breeze brushes past them causing them to play their happy tune. I just sit and watch the leaves rustle in the trees and the hanging plants on my porch sway and the clouds slowly move across the sky. How peaceful and calming and wonderfully joyful…….I so love my house and my neighborhood!

I am sitting here writing this while eating a couple of lemon cream cookies that I bought at the Amish general store last Sunday. They are sooooooo good!!! Such strong lemon flavor in the creamy center – I’d be hard pressed to find a LEMON with this much lemon flavor! HA!!!

I was going through a box of things that haven’t been unpacked, yet…….yeah, I know – it has been almost 2 years since I moved and I still have boxes that aren’t unpacked – don’t judge me…….anyway, I found an angel with a chain to hang it up – too heavy for a Christmas ornament, but very pretty! I had it for a long time, but never found a place to hang it at my old home. So, I took it out of the box and put it on my desk in the den so that I would give some thought as to where to put it. As I looked out my den window at my gorgeous weeping crab apple tree, it hit me!!! “I’ll hang it from a limb on that tree”, I thought! I took it right out and found a nice sturdy limb to hang it from, but was sad to find when I got back in the house that the other limbs hid it from view from my window! So, I went out and moved it to another limb – one I knew I’d be able to see it when gazing out my den window. But, as I pulled into the drive way the next time I went out, I discovered it wasn’t visible from the street!!! Hhhmmm…….so, I put it out towards the end of a limb that wasn’t obscured by any other limbs – it isn’t as sturdy, but it is visible from the street and my window! Mission accomplished! It looks so cute out there swaying in the breeze and bouncing in response to the movement of the tree limb! I’m happy!



I had some out-patient surgery this week – nothing too major – a hernia repair, but it couldn’t be done laproscopically, so I had full anesthesia and a smile-like incision about 3-4 inches long just under my belly button. I have prided myself on being able to say “I’ve never had any surgery in my life…..knock on wood”! But now, I can no longer say that! Oh, I’ve had a couple of procedures that were “technically” considered “surgery”, but nothing invasive where I was literally cut open, innards manipulated, and stitched back up……until now! Through it all, I’ve learned a couple of things:  1) they really should put you under BEFORE taking you into the operating room – I was wheeled in there in a wheel chair and it seemed very UNimpressive to me! I expected to see the fancy operating rooms you see on TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy – you know, a big sterile looking room with the gallery seating around the top of the room and a whole team of doctors and nurses and a lot of high-tech equipment and an operating table that looks like a comfortable bed and windows that look out to the scrub room……….um, no – what I saw was a neat, clean, but very small, ordinary looking room with a few people waiting to prep me and an operating table that looked like two padded 2×6 boards nailed together in a cross – I was helped up onto the longer of the two boards to lay on and my arms were placed outstretched onto the shorter board! Of course, this is a very simplistic description and it was more than that – it was actually surprisingly comfortable and it tilted to make it easy for the surgeon to get at the spot he needed to get at and the arm pads were angled comfortably. But, when I first saw it, the only thought that came to mind was a lethal injection table at a prison – not a pleasant thought as I was being wheeled into surgery – especially when it was my first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect! Once I was on it, my thought was of the Crucifix……a better thought, but still not one I would have liked in my mind as I was being prepped for surgery! Don’t get me wrong – it was clean and nice and not at all “scary” and I’m sure more than just the anesthesia folks joined the team after I fell asleep, but after my initial impressions, I really would much preferred to have been asleep before I went in there and kept my vision of the fancy operating room from Grey’s Anatomy in my head!    2) the second thing is that I now know EXACTLY what people mean when they say “you never know how often you use your stomach muscles until you have an incision in your belly”!!! OMG – there is literally NOTHING you can do without straining your stomach muscles and when they hurt from surgery, that becomes painfully obvious! And, please, God, don’t make me have to cough or sneeze!!!

Today, as I’m starting to feel a little human – still very uncomfortable and moving slowly, but much better than yesterday, which was much better than the day before, I realize I’m getting a little stir-crazy with a touch of cabin fever! I adore being in my home – sitting at my computer looking out my den window or out on my patio soaking in the lovely weather – but, I have never been one to be told I HAVE to do something!!! The fact that I’m told I shouldn’t drive until at least the weekend makes me want to get out and take a ride somewhere – but, I know the bouncing and getting in and out of the Equinox won’t be pleasant. The fact that my body is telling me to take it easy and not do too much makes me want to go shopping or visiting or something that gets me out of the house and moving, but I know I’ll pay dearly for it, if I do. So, I’ll behave and give myself a couple more days of healing……it has only been three days since the surgery…….but, I’m really fighting the urge to get out and play!!! 🙂

I’ve recently discovered Downton Abbey on PBS! I see posts on Facebook by friends who love the show and wondered what it was about. So, I started streaming season one using Amazon Prime through my Wii – I figured I’d watch a few episodes here and there and get caught up with the first three seasons sometime before season four starts in January. Well…….I got started and couldn’t stop!!! I watched one episode after another and found myself up at 1:00 or 2:00 am saying “just one more episode and then I’ll go to bed”! It took me just three days to get through all three seasons!!! What a wonderful program!!! The characters and actors are incredible – they suck you right in! And in season three, alone, I went through a warehouse full of Kleenex!!! Simply heartbreaking! I can not wait until January when season four starts and I can finally find out how they are going to deal with this latest tragedy! If you haven’t seen this show and you have access to streaming capabilities or Netflix or something that will allow you to catch up with the first three seasons, I strongly urge you to do so…….it won’t take long to become obsessed and zip right through them all to catch up – even though you have until January!

Well, I think I’ll take advantage of this marvelous day and go read on the patio while the girls lay in the sun……..

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