Where have all the Bloggers gone?

blog-images-stickitOnce upon a time, long, long ago, I used to log on every morning and click on Google Reader and Blog Surfer to check out all the new posts on the blogs I followed. There were many of them – mostly friends with blogs, some of which became friends because we were local Sanford bloggers and read each other’s writings and then became friends in the real world. Some were written by people I didn’t know from places I’ve never been, but enjoyed the stories and information they shared. I looked forward to the list of new posts that would come up on my Google Reader and spent time reading them all before starting my day. Then, the number of new posts began to slow down and, soon, there was only the occasional new post! It was sad to see that! Then, Google Reader and Blog Surfer shut down and I no longer had an easy way to know when one of my favorite bloggers put up a new post. But, they are all in my “favorites” – I have a folder just for all the blogs I have enjoyed in the past – there are 31 of them! Every now and then, I click on each and every one to see if anyone posted anything new and exciting to read about. But, alas, most remain stalled at the last post written long ago. Today, after several months of not checking, I decided to see if any have been updated………..only one had something new to read and actually there were a FEW new posts on that one, which I read with great pleasure!

I, too, don’t post as often as I used to, but do still love to blog! It is a great way to share my thoughts, but mostly it is a creative outlet for me. Sure, I hope there are readers out there that enjoy what I have to write, but, honestly, I really just write for myself, friends, and family.

I started blogging in 2007 after I accidentally found a local blogger that wrote some funny stories about his children and his adventures. He was moving to Sanford and wrote about the things he and his family were discovering. I sometimes would comment on his posts. After a while, I decided to give blogging a try. I wasn’t sure how long it would last or what I would find to write about, but I really enjoyed it and it took off! Click here to read my very first post written on August 13, 2007 – it was short and awkward, but it was a start! I always loved to write stories – back as early as grammar school. In high school, I took creative writing and dabbled with some with poetry, but found that stories were my favorite outlet, so blogging just seemed the perfect medium for me to use. Over the years, I’ve shared a lot of adventures, thoughts, movie reviews, and just silly ramblings with the world……….I flatter myself in thinking that my humble writings are being read by the world! HA! Yeah, I have had a lot of hits on my blog (as of today, 42,779 since I changed to using WordPress instead of Blogger in Sept 2008 – add about another 5000 from when I was using Blogger), but in the past couple of years, not so much – I average about 20-some hits a day, now. But, that’s OK – like I said, I mainly write for myself and my friends/family, anyway – it is just an ego boost when I see in my stats that I received a lot of hits on a particular post and that some of those hits were from places far, far away!

But, back to my fellow bloggers. I MISS YOU!!! Maybe some of you will read this and find it to be a motivation to start writing, again – I sure hope so! If you have abandoned your previous blogs and are writing on a new blog, please send me your web address so I can once again enjoy your thoughts and adventures. And, I’d love to find bloggers local to the Albion / Western NY area to follow! I know you’re out there………I just need to find you!!! 🙂

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