My First Post

Hello! It’s Sunday and it was a lazy day, as all Sunday’s should be! At least we had a little relief from the heat wave that we have been experiencing the past week or so. It was still pretty hot, but it was less than 100 and not as humid, so it was a welcome change.

I did manage to accomplish one very important task, though – I went to Lowes and purchased a new flusher handle for the toilet in my master bathroom! It broke this morning, so I had to do something about it! These types of things come with being a homeowner. You don’t think about them until something goes wrong and then you have to figure out what needs to be done to fix it! In this case, I thought that the chain on the flapper thingy broke – that happens quite often and I’ve changed those mechanisms many times. But, when I lifted the tank lid and looked at the flapper thingy, the chain was intact – it was just laying on the bottom of the tank! I wondered how it came loose and noticed that the lever that the chain hooks onto was corroded and the bottom edge of the first two holes was no longer there! I tried to hook it to the third hole and it disintigrated, too! So, I bought a new handle and lever. It’s prettier than the one that was on there – it was just plain and silver! The new one is white porcelain and gold – very nice looking! And, I picked one that has a brass lever that is supposed to not corrode as easily!

Other than that, the girls and I lounged around and relaxed all day! Who are “the girls”? They are my dogs – Katie, an about 3 year old Golden Retriever Mix, and Amy and Megan – sisters that are about 1 year old and “your guess is as good as mine” breed. All three were rescues and I love them dearly!

Well, there are my thoughts and adventures for today!

One Comment on “My First Post

  1. Hi, Kim! Thanks for your post about the Temple Theater on my blog! Welcome to the world of blogging!!! You might be surprised what interesting stuff you can come up with that your friends, family, and fellow Sanfordites (is that right? LOL) might want to read. I recommend adding some pictures here and there. I hope to see you blogging more often!!! I will be checking back! Thanks again!

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