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Photos of the Day – March 22nd

Here are the Photos of the Day for March 22, 2017: # 81 Photo Prompt – Stripes: “New Shirt and Pearls” #stripes # 81 Caught By My Lens: “Beer Bread for Choir” At today’s Lenten Lunch, I happened to mention beer bread and some… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – March 22nd”

Lemon Blueberry Cake

I used to be quite a cake baker.  Back in the day, I baked and decorated cakes to sell and I even made my own wedding cake.  But, over the years, I slowly got out of the habit of baking and even sold all… Continue Reading “Lemon Blueberry Cake”

New Food Network Star

Right from the start of the most recent season of The Next Food Network Star, I was pulling for Aarti!  She had such a vibrant personality and smiling face.  Her point of view is to bring Indian flavors to every day American foods.  And… Continue Reading “New Food Network Star”

Dinner – Pasta Stir Fry – YUM!

The last time Mom was here for a visit, she made a pasta stir fry that was absolutely incredible.  She just threw a bunch of stuff in a pan and tossed it all together and it tasted amazing!  I have considered trying to do… Continue Reading “Dinner – Pasta Stir Fry – YUM!”

Bread Discovery

I stopped in at Food Lion last night for a few groceries and made an amazing discovery – a new kind of bread!  I had a craving all day for a good hamburger made with onion soup mix, so I got a small package… Continue Reading “Bread Discovery”

Catching Up – Reviews, recipes, and more…

I had family visiting the last two weeks, so I didn’t take time to blog!  So – this post will catch up on movie and theater reviews, a made up recipe, and more thoughts worth jotting down!  We crammed a lot into two weeks… Continue Reading “Catching Up – Reviews, recipes, and more…”


I love eggs!!!  I can eat them at every meal and never get bored with them!  BUT – I am very particular about my eggs – you might say I’m an egg snob!  I don’t want a runny white OR a hard yolk!  I… Continue Reading “Eggs”

Monday Musings, Meals, and a Movie – Gran Torino

Well, it is Monday evening — the holiday weekend is ending — we start a short work week tomorrow…that is, except for those who work somewhere that is already closed or delayed because of the potential for some snow!   However much snow we get, it shouldn’t last… Continue Reading “Monday Musings, Meals, and a Movie – Gran Torino”

Honeyed Pork – Crock Pot Version

A couple weeks or so ago, Lindsay posted a great sounding Honeyed Pork Chop recipe on her blog – Anyone Hungry?.  In our comments to each other, we thought that the recipe might be really good done in a crock pot with a pork… Continue Reading “Honeyed Pork – Crock Pot Version”

Holiday Recipes

Here are some of my favorite holiday recipes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Double Layer Pumpkin Pie One 3oz package of cream cheese 1 cup plus 1 Tbsp cold milk 1 Tbsp sugar 1 1/2 cups cool whip 1 graham cracker pie crust Two 4 serving size packages vanilla instant… Continue Reading “Holiday Recipes”