New Food Network Star

Right from the start of the most recent season of The Next Food Network Star, I was pulling for Aarti!  She had such a vibrant personality and smiling face.  Her point of view is to bring Indian flavors to every day American foods.  And everything she made looked and sounded absolutely amazing!!!  I was excited when she made it to the finale, but was concerned that one of the others might squeeze by her!  But, then they announced the winner……….Aarti………and I cheered!!!  I was so looking forward to seeing her new show – Aarti Party – on Food Network!  I set up the DVR to record it so that I wouldn’t miss it!  It was on today at noon and it was just as much fun to watch as I thought it would be!  I haven’t been this excited about a new Food Network star in a long time!  After watching her first show, I’m hooked even more than I was just watching her during the competition!  I look forward to discovering many new recipes with her!

The recipes she crammed into her 1/2 hour show are all ones that I will definitely plan to make – I’m even thinking of going out to get a pork butt roast to make the main recipe for Labor Day!  (we’ll see if I actually get that ambitious or not)  Her recipes today included a new twist on Pulled Pork that looked incredible – I could almost taste it right through the TV – it was called “Pulled Pork with Mango BBQ Sauce”!  She also made an “Apple – Lime – Peanut Slaw” that was a tangy sauce over cabbage, green apples, and garnished with roasted peanuts – YUM!!!  And, for dessert, she made “Come ‘ere Puddin’ Pie” – a chocolate-ginger pudding pie with made from scratch pudding!  Click on the recipe names for the links to how to make these great sounding dishes!

I was particularly interested in the pulled pork recipe.  Pork is my favorite meat – I love it!  I have also found from living in North Carolina, that pork – in particular, pulled pork – is its own major food group and found everywhere!  The variations based on region are about a different as night and day and are the source of many heated discussions any time the topic comes up.  Although I like them all, I do admit that I prefer a BBQ based sauce to the vinegar based sauces.  But, the very best way to eat it is without any sauce at all — just the flavors from the rub that was used to cook it!  I don’t usually want to mask the flavor of the pork in any way.  But, the sound of the Mango BBQ Sauce she used is so intriguing……I really want to try it!!!

Catch her show and try her recipes — you’re sure to have fun doing it!

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