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2017 Year In Review

2017 turned out to be a pretty awesome year…..2018 has a lot to live up to – but, I am confident that it will prove to be up for the challenge! Here are the highlights of all that happened and some of my favorite… Continue Reading “2017 Year In Review”

My 2017 Adventure Bucket List

Each year, about this time – like most people, I think about my goals for the coming year. I don’t do “resolutions”, cause, like most people, I don’t tend to keep them. Yep……this is how most of my “resolutions” go! So, I avoid using… Continue Reading “My 2017 Adventure Bucket List”

My Most Excellent Adventure

Since my last post on August 28th, I have been experiencing an amazing once-in-a-lifetime adventure……more specifically, a MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! It will take way more than one post to blog about it…..if I tried, it would surely qualify for the Guinness Book of World… Continue Reading “My Most Excellent Adventure”

My 2016 Adventure Bucket List

As anyone who even occasionally reads this blog knows, I love a good adventure…..even if just an impromptu local quickie!!! I am always looking for cool and quirky things to see and do in and around Western NY – things I can do in… Continue Reading “My 2016 Adventure Bucket List”

2014 Blog Review

 In just a few short hours, another year will close and a new year will open and breathe new life into us…..bringing with it new adventures, experiences, and memories to blog about. But, before I begin to write about all the exciting topics I… Continue Reading “2014 Blog Review”


Today is August 1st! Really! More than half of 2014 – and, more importantly, more than 1/2 the summer –  is gone……in the blink of an eye! Remember that bucket list I wrote about in April (click here to refresh your memory), well, I not… Continue Reading “August…..Seriously???”

2014 Bucket List

It is that time of year, again…..the weather is starting to improve and be somewhat dependable (as dependable as spring weather can be) and thoughts of getting out and about and enjoying life abound! After the brutal winter we had, it is all the… Continue Reading “2014 Bucket List”

Elizabeth Taylor – Another “Mr. Taylor” Soon?

I read something very interesting this morning – Elizabeth Taylor may be headed down the aisle yet again!  Aside from being a movie legend from a time when movie stars were glamorous and beautiful, she is best known for her penetrating violet eyes, her… Continue Reading “Elizabeth Taylor – Another “Mr. Taylor” Soon?”

Julia Roberts

In honor of this weekend’s opening of “Valentine’s Day” in theaters, I thought I would devote a post to Julia Roberts movies.  I really like Julia Roberts and her name on a cast list is almost always a sure bet that I will run… Continue Reading “Julia Roberts”

iTune Diversity

I’ve often said that I like just about any kind of music, but have some obvious preferences – mainly 60’s/70’s classic rock, country, and country rock.  But I enjoy a lot of other kinds of music, too!  As I review the list of songs… Continue Reading “iTune Diversity”