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Holiday Foods

Nothing says “holiday” like food!  No matter what holiday you are celebrating, food is surely a big part of it and very much linked to both seasonal and family traditions.  This post is all about the good and bad of holiday foods…feel free to… Continue Reading “Holiday Foods”

What I Love About Sanford

OK – I’m up for the challenge – another local blogger, Melissa, posted what she loves about Sanford and extended a challenge for others to follow suite. I never turn down a challenge, so here goes: There are many things I love about Sanford!… Continue Reading “What I Love About Sanford”


I don’t think I ever mentioned this here, but I have a “thing” about the number 3. Whether it is deliberate or just happens, the number 3 comes up all the time for me! It is my good luck # and I find myself… Continue Reading “Three”


One of my all time favorite bands from the 70s was Bread – David Gates was the lead singer. They made some amazing music! Just thinking of many of their songs brings back such wonderful memories! Songs like: “Make It With You” “Baby I’m-a… Continue Reading “Bread”

Best and Worst Teeth Listing

This list of Cleanest and Dirtiest Teeth in the US (click here for article) was on the AOL Welcome page today…..not sure how they determine what cities have the dirtiest teeth and what cities have the cleanest, but here is the list that was… Continue Reading “Best and Worst Teeth Listing”

Soap Operas

When I was a little girl, I remember my Grandma making time every day to watch her “stories” – I think she watched “Guiding Light” and “Days of Our Lives”. Then, when I was in grammar and high school, I rushed home from school… Continue Reading “Soap Operas”

Hunt For Happiness

One of the new Sanford bloggers, Emily Page, is an old friend I haven’t run into in a very long time, but still think of often and fondly! She posted an entry on her blog in honor of National Hunt for Happiness Week –… Continue Reading “Hunt For Happiness”


What is special about Wednesday? Hump Day – half way to the much anticipated weekend days The day I gather all the trash and take it to the street for Thursday pick up I was born on a Wednesday – October 24, 1956 Project… Continue Reading “Wednesday”

100th Post

WOW – when I posted my very first entry on this blog on August 12th, I didn’t think I would have a lot to say or anything that would be of any interest to anyone other than me and maybe a few family members… Continue Reading “100th Post”

List – # 1 Hits of 1956

Here is a list of the # 1 hits and how long they stayed at # 1 the year I was born – 1956! Year of the Monkey! ** Key Point — Elvis Presley dominated the charts that year with FOUR songs that were… Continue Reading “List – # 1 Hits of 1956”