Best and Worst Teeth Listing

This list of Cleanest and Dirtiest Teeth in the US (click here for article) was on the AOL Welcome page today…..not sure how they determine what cities have the dirtiest teeth and what cities have the cleanest, but here is the list that was compiled by Men’s Health. (btw – since the list was compiled by Men’s Health, does that mean they only checked out men’s teeth????)

NC came out pretty good — Raleigh ranked # 3 out of 100 and Charlotte ranked #6! On the other hand, if I bought into this, I’m not so sure I’d jump into a kiss from anyone from Lubbock, TX without first asking for their dental records – ha-ha!!!

Rank, City, Grade

10 Minneapolis, MN B+
9 Fargo, ND A-
8 Grand Rapids, MI A-
7 Yonkers, NY A-
6 Charlotte, NC A-
5 Aurora, CO A-
4 St. Paul, MN A
3 Raleigh, NC A+
2 Nashville, TN A+
1 Madison, WI A+

Rank, City, Grade

100 Lubbock, TX F
99 Philadelphia, PA F
98 Spokane, WA F
97 Salt Lake City, UT F
96 Jackson, MS F
95 El Paso, TX F
94 Portland, OR F
93 Tulsa, OK D-
92 Tucson, AZ D-
91 Baton Rouge, LA D-
90 Los Angeles, CA D-
89 San Antonio, TX D-
88 St. Louis, MO D-
87 Dallas, TX D-
86 Tampa, FL D-
85 Jersey City, NJ D-
84 Denver, CO D-
83 St. Petersburg, FL D
82 Oklahoma City, OK D
81 Billings, MT D
80 Pittsburgh, PA D
79 Miami, FL D
78 Boston, MA D
77 Kansas City, MO D+
76 Newark, NJ D+
75 Austin, TX D+
74 Fresno, CA D+
73 Sacramento, CA D+
72 Birmingham, AL D+
71 Buffalo, NY D+
70 Corpus Christi, TX D+
69 Houston, TX C-
68 Louisville, KY C-
67 Rochester, NY C-
66 Bangor, ME C-
65 Riverside, CA C-
64 Burlington, VT C-
63 Memphis, TN C-
62 Orlando, FL C-
61 Baltimore, MD C-
60 Montgomery, AL C
59 Milwaukee, WI C
58 Detroit, MI C
57 Cincinnati, OH C
56 Fort Worth, TX C
55 Oakland, CA C
54 Albuquerque, NM C
53 Chicago, IL C
52 Phoenix, AZ C
51 Cheyenne, WY C
50 Columbia, SC C+
49 Modesto, CA C+
48 Honolulu, HI C+
47 Bakersfield, CA C+
46 Norfolk, VA C+
45 Las Vegas, NV C+
44 Fort Wayne, IN C+
43 Richmond, VA C+
42 Charleston, WV C+
41 Lexington, KY C+
40 Greensboro, NC C+
39 Indianapolis, IN B-
38 Hartford, CT B-
37 Little Rock, AR B-
36 Anaheim, CA B-
35 Washington, DC B-
34 New York, NY B-
33 Atlanta, GA B-
32 San Jose, CA B-
31 Providence, RI B-
30 Arlington, TX B-
29 San Diego, CA B-
28 Wilmington, DE B
27 Seattle, WA B
26 Cleveland, OH B
25 Fremont, CA B
24 Manchester, NH B
23 Toledo, OH B
22 Durham, NC B
21 Boise, ID B
20 San Francisco, CA B
19 Columbus, OH B
18 Wichita, KS B+
17 Colorado Springs, CO B+
16 Omaha, NE B+
15 Jacksonville, FL B+
14 Sioux Falls, SD B+
13 Des Moines, IA B+
12 Lincoln, NE B+
11 Anchorage, AK B+

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