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June Daily Photos – Part One

June…….WOW…….this year is flying by! I would have thought since I’m literally doing nothing and going nowhere that it would drag on and last forever…….guess that shows just how much I know about things like this!!! LOL Life is slowly getting back to normal… Continue Reading “June Daily Photos – Part One”

2019 DC Adventure

In 2017, my friends Cathy and Pat and I were planning a girl trip to DC. We made a list of all the things we each wanted to see or do and soon realized that there is no way we could see/do it all… Continue Reading “2019 DC Adventure”

2019 New Mexico Adventure – Part Two

So, the second part of my time in New Mexico was several days spent venturing out on my own – no more guided tours were booked. I went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Sandia Peak, Old Town Albuquerque, Historic Route 66, and Sante… Continue Reading “2019 New Mexico Adventure – Part Two”

2019 New Mexico Adventure – Monument Valley

From Colorado, I traveled to New Mexico. I flew from Denver to Albuquerque, picked up my rental car (a VW Passat), and drove 3 hours to Farmington, NM! I found that everything I wanted to do in New Mexico was at least 3-4 hours… Continue Reading “2019 New Mexico Adventure – Monument Valley”

2019 Colorado Adventure – The Rest of the Story….

OK….so, here I am back at it……I think I can wrap up the last couple of adventures and miscellaneous photos from Colorado in one post and then move on to New Mexico! One of our tour guides had recommended a cool place for dinner… Continue Reading “2019 Colorado Adventure – The Rest of the Story….”

2019 Colorado Adventure – Manitou Springs

Another great place to visit in Colorado is Manitou Springs! It is near Colorado Springs and so worth the time to go there. That second jeep tour from the tour post was in the afternoon, so I drove to Manitou Springs that morning to… Continue Reading “2019 Colorado Adventure – Manitou Springs”

October Daily Photos – Part Four

This installment of the October Daily Photos are all from my trip to DC this week…….more photos from DC will come later and I know I still need to post the photos from my Colorado and New Mexico trip……JEEZ…..I’m getting bad!!! HERE COME DA… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – Part Four”

September Weekly Photo Challenge – Week Three

Here is my third installment of the September Daily Photos inspired by the alphabet: O IS FOR ORGAN P IS FOR PUMPKIN PATCH Q IS FOR QUOINS R IS FOR RED DOG S IS FOR STATE STREET or – S IS FOR STEEPLE or – S… Continue Reading “September Weekly Photo Challenge – Week Three”

Murder and Mayhem Torch-Lit Tour of Albion

Last night I…..and over a hundred of my closest and dearest friends……attended an after dark walking tour of our little village and listened to some stories about Murder and Mayhem involving our early settlers and prominent citizens of long ago! It was led by… Continue Reading “Murder and Mayhem Torch-Lit Tour of Albion”


Continuing on with September’s Daily Photos inspired by the Alphabet! H IS FOR HARVEST I IS FOR IVORY J IS FOR JAM (Blueberry Pomegranate Jam on a Rice Cake) K IS FOR KIM READING HER KINDLE K IS ALSO FOR KOHLRABI L IS FOR… Continue Reading “SEPTEMBER DAILY PHOTO CHALLENGE – WEEK TWO”