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October Daily Photos – Part Four

This installment of the October Daily Photos are all from my trip to DC this week…….more photos from DC will come later and I know I still need to post the photos from my Colorado and New Mexico trip……JEEZ…..I’m getting bad!!! HERE COME DA… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – Part Four”

October Daily Photos – Part Three

Third installment of the October Daily Photo shots…… I FOUND WALDO ICING ON THE SILO DO I HAVE TO COME INSIDE, MOM? AUTUMN RAIN END OF THE SEASON HYDRANGEAS DIGGING DEEP FOR THE PRIZE FINALLY FINISHED READING “WAR AND PEACE”!!! Not many photo days… Continue Reading “October Daily Photos – Part Three”

50 and Done Club Member Right Here!

Over the last couple of weeks, I finished work on a HUGE Bucket List item… I’ve been working on for the better part of my life, but more diligently since I retired in 2011. It was a long time coming, but I’m DONE! I… Continue Reading “50 and Done Club Member Right Here!”

Morning Drama at the Buffet

Yesterday was an interesting day at the Pritt Bird Buffet! I spent a good portion of the morning watching all the drama unfold from my den window and enjoying all the different visitors….some of which were, shall I say, a bit strange! You see,… Continue Reading “Morning Drama at the Buffet”

Thanksgiving on Long Island

I did something a little different for Thanksgiving, this year. I traveled with a friend to her sister’s home on Long Island! I had never been to Long Island – been to NYC many times, but never Long Island! So, I can check that… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving on Long Island”

Swimming With Dolphins in Bermuda!

THE # one BEST thing I did in Bermuda was a one hour shore excursion…….I had the BEST time EVER…….I absolutely LOVED every minute of it……..I’m so glad I did it…….a memory of a lifetime!!! I saw the excursion option for Dolphin Quest and… Continue Reading “Swimming With Dolphins in Bermuda!”

A Daring Visitor

So, I had to move my desk and computer to make room to convert my den into my Boutique for my Lula Roe business…….which means I thought I wasn’t going to get anymore great photos of birds and squirrels at the Bird Buffet while… Continue Reading “A Daring Visitor”

I Went Lula Diving!

Yes, you read the title correctly……on Monday, May 14th, I went Lula Diving!!! And, oh so much more!!! So, as a LulaRoe Retailer, we typically order our stock through the warehouse and it is shipped to us via UPS. We order by style and… Continue Reading “I Went Lula Diving!”

Thanks for the pose……

I love it when a great photo just “happens”……no major planning or staging needed…….just snap away and bam – there it is! That happened, today…….the Daily Photo Topics I chose for today were “A Parking Lot” and “Birds”……I pulled into the Peebles parking lot… Continue Reading “Thanks for the pose……”

Some Assembly Required Nightmare

OK, so I needed a new desk chair…..the old one was just that – OLD – it didn’t swivel well anymore, wouldn’t roll easily, it was lumpy and not very comfortable anymore and the leather on the arms was worn/torn to the point that… Continue Reading “Some Assembly Required Nightmare”