Hello, 2022 – Goodbye Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Good Morning and Happy New Year! It is a foggy morning here in Western New York. Great way to describe my situation on this first day of the new year – 2022!

You’ll see this photo again when I post my first set of Daily Photos for January 2022…..it is today’s photo!

I had surgery on Thursday – the 30th – on my right hand for carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger thumb. I opted for sedation because I am not interested in being awake for any procedure that involves cutting into me regardless of how much they numb the incision site! So, I pretty much slept off the “fog” in my head the day of and day after the surgery.

The surgery went well……they gave me the happy juice and I barely remember being wheeled out of the prep room…..and suddenly, I was waking up in recovery. My had was heavily bandaged, but there was zero pain. Later that evening, I started to ache a little as the numbing agent wore off and the next day I felt really badly bruised. But, the pain was FAR less than I expected (easily managed with Tylenol) and it was a far cry from the pain I had due to the carpal tunnel and trigger thumb conditions. Today, I still need the Tylenol, but it is getting better……the strange tingling and shocking sensations due to the nerves being cut is weird, though. I had minimal swelling – mostly just the lower palm where the incisions are, but again, not as bad as I expected. Ice packs have helped.

The best part??? I’ve had two nights where I was not jolted awake with searing, burning, numbness and extreme pain in my right hand and arm!!! And…..I can bend my thumb – not totally, yet, because of the slight swelling, but it was totally locked before the surgery and very painful. Good bye carpal tunnel and trigger thumb!!! I can’t say as I will miss you……good riddance, in fact!!!

Today……I was able to take the big, bulky bandage off and just cover the incisions with bandaids and I can get it wet, now. When the bandage came off, there is slight bruising and slight swelling, but over all it looks really good!!! So……life will slowly get back to normal as I heal and improve. I’m pretty much a newly appointed left-hander for a while and it is quite awkward, but a small price to pay for the relief from the problems those two conditions caused me!

So…..on with 2022……so far, it’s off to a GREAT (albeit foggy) start for me!!!

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