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Follow Ups, Updates, Etc…

Lots of stuff has been going on in my life, lately.  Lots of thoughts are bumping around in my head.  Lots of things I find that I have an opinion on.  So, here I am thinking I should probably find a way to get them… Continue Reading “Follow Ups, Updates, Etc…”

It’s all about the dogs….

This week has been all about dogs for me…..which isn’t that different from most weeks, but a little more obvious than usual!  Megan had an injury that resulted in a couple visits to the vet and an awkward e-collar.  Then there was a very… Continue Reading “It’s all about the dogs….”

Day Fit For A King

Today – January 8th – was a day fit for a king!  Yep, the King, Elvis Presley, would have turned 75 years old today!  But that wasn’t the only notable thing that happened, or for that matter, didn’t happen today!  I have a lot of thoughts… Continue Reading “Day Fit For A King”

Life is back to normal

WHEW!  My life is back to normal – sorta – whatever “normal” means!  So, what do I do with my time, now?  Do I sit on my laurels and twiddle my thumbs while I enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation?  Um – NO!  I’m… Continue Reading “Life is back to normal”

Saturday Morning

The weekend is here!  Lots to talk about – CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event; CARA events; some updates on my ongoing home renovations; and more!  Who said that summer days are “lazy”?  I am definitely in high gear and busy, busy,… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning”

2nd Annual CARA Dinner at Bella Bistro

A great event has been brought to my attention – one that highlights a cause that is near and dear to my heart – animal rescue!  Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA) is a great organization!  None of my girls came from CARA –… Continue Reading “2nd Annual CARA Dinner at Bella Bistro”