Life is back to normal

WHEW!  My life is back to normal – sorta – whatever “normal” means!  So, what do I do with my time, now?  Do I sit on my laurels and twiddle my thumbs while I enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation?  Um – NO!  I’m not the “sit and do nothing” type!

I admit, this past week was filled with a lot of nothing during my non-work hours, but that stops now! 

I just realized that it is the 29th and I almost forgot about the CARA event – “Run For Their Lives” – happening in Kiwanis Park this morning.  It started at 8:00, so we will be a little late, but Katie and I will be heading that way in a little bit to take part in whatever activities are left when we get there — or just to check out all the other dogs!  Katie loves going on adventures and I am always happy to support CARA!   Megan and Amy would love to go, too, but I can’t handle all 3 in situations like this — they get WAY too excited!  Katie is the calmest, so is best to take to something like this – Megan and Amy will get their turns at something fun! 

If you haven’t heard, “Run For Their Lives” is a fun run and walk with lots of other great activities with proceeds benefiting CARA – Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption.  It is from 8:00-12:00 TODAY at Kiwanis Park.  If you read this in time, come on out!!!

Ronald started on the renovations to the garage this week!  My garage was in BAD need of organization!  A few years ago, my Mom and I put up some plastic shelving units around the perimeter so that I could get stuff off the floor.  But they ended up being junk collectors with no organization what-so-ever!  They also started to buckle under the weight of some of the things I was storing on them!  (one was about ready to collapse at the slightest bump and crash the contents onto my precious pony — uugghh!!!)  So, I sold some of the shelving units at my yard sale a couple months ago.   I kept 2 for the garage and 1 to put out in the shed so I can also organize that (another story for another time)!  I decided I wanted to put up peg board on some of the wall space so that I could hang things up and have them take up less space than being on the floor or on shelves that took up a lot of space, as well.  I also wanted an overhead shelf to put seasonal stuff up out of the way.  The shelves will now only be used for anything that can’t be hung up and that I don’t want to stash up high (not gonna put anything up there I need to get to very often – I am short and scared of ladders/heights)!  We’re also going to paint all the walls and peg board the same color – LaFonda Boulder, which is a slightly darker beige than what I used in the living room, but not a lot darker – and put that pretty garage floor sealer that has speckles in it on the floor!  It is going to look so good when we’re (and by “we”, I mean “Ronald”) done!  A perfect home for my beloved pony!  Here is what the garage looked like when I first moved in and some “in progress” shots – so far, he’s only got the peg board up.  It is on the entire end wall and on about 10 feet of the left side wall.  I think that’s enough!  The overhead shelf will be the entire length of the end wall up over the peg board.





Speaking of the garage, we discovered a leak in the water heater!  It definitely wasn’t leaking a few days ago when I was out there getting a screwdriver!  And each day, it looks like it is leaking a little heavier!  So – before it lets loose and floods the garage, we will be replacing it!  I imagine it is about time for it to decide to die on me!  I’ve lived here 5 1/2 years and I don’t know how old it was when I moved in – it could be as much as almost 10 years old, if it is the original one!  At least water heaters are fairly inexpensive appliances and Ronald can easily install it for me – especially since it is right out in the open in the garage!  (we had to replace one in my mobile home that was inside the wall between two closets in the guest bedroom – that was NOT a fun replacement when it let loose and flooded the carpeted room and soaked the wall it was behind up several feet!!!)  So, working on the garage and replacing the water heater are on the agenda for this weekend!

We still have the master bedroom and bathroom to paint and put back together, but that will be on the agenda NEXT week! 

I’m also gearing up for a two week visit from my Mom in a few weeks!  WOO HOO!  It will be great to have her here!  My brother and his wife are coming for a long weekend during the time she’ll be here, too!  I can’t wait!  We’re all planning to go see “Bingo” at the Temple Theatre while they are here!

So — resting on my laurels?  Yeah, right, I wish (actually, no I don’t wish that)!  ha-ha-ha

So – Katie and I are off to Kiwanis Park for the “Run For Their Lives” event for CARA!!!!  Hope to see you there!!!

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