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Photos of the Day – August 29th, 30th, and 31st

Good Bye to August and Hello September……Autumn is chomping at the bit to come to life with those gorgeous colors we all love to see. But, I sure hate to see Summer coming to a close. But, that is life and time marches on.… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – August 29th, 30th, and 31st”

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum……baseball’s mecca……..the history of the game and all those who made it great preserved and displayed for future generations! Walking through the front doors gives you a feeling of pride in America’s game……continuing on through the building… Continue Reading “National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum”

What’s in a birthday and other revelations…

I turned 54 yesterday……REALLY???  When, exactly, did that happen and what, exactly, does that mean, anyway?  I certainly hope it doesn’t mean I am supposed to go shop for one of those little old lady rocking chairs and start doing little old lady things… Continue Reading “What’s in a birthday and other revelations…”


  I LOVE OCTOBER!!!!  I look forward to it every year… is, hands down, my favorite month.  Yes, there are other months that I find almost as enjoyable – April, because it is a sign of renewal and spring time – December, because of… Continue Reading “October”

Take me out to the ball game….

I am not a sports fan….except for baseball – especially Yankees baseball….I know, I moved to the wrong part of the country!  I don’t like basketball, Nascar, football, or hockey and there are no major league baseball teams in NC!    But, I’m still happy… Continue Reading “Take me out to the ball game….”

New Year

Well, another year is in the history books and a new one has begun…WOW – time just sails by in the blink of an eye!  Here are my New Year’s Day reflections and a look forward… 2008 – Almost everyone I talk to mentions… Continue Reading “New Year”

Yankee Stadium Closes

Sunday marked the last game that will be played at the historic Yankee Stadium!  The Yanks went out with a victory over the Orioles, speeches, tears, sentiment, and cheers from the crowd!  It is sad to think that the “House that Ruth Built” – a strong,… Continue Reading “Yankee Stadium Closes”

French Toast and more stuff to talk about….

I made French Toast for breakfast this morning and did it ever hit the spot!!!! I like to make it with Barbecue Bread – it is thick, dense, and soft – perfect for French Toast! I also like to use the Texas Toast bread,… Continue Reading “French Toast and more stuff to talk about….”

Closing The Gap!

My Yankees are on a roll and closing the gap between the top 3 spots in the AL East!!! The race is getting exciting!!! GO YANKEES!!!

Sunday Morning Brain Dump

Here are my thoughts for this lovely Sunday Morning… Yesterday’s Family Carnival held by Stepping Stones Children’s Center was a great success! I popped in to see Emily and Lindsay and to place some bids on their silent auction items and found a nice… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning Brain Dump”